American English Adult Male Voiceover

Voice Actor

Rick Saez is a full-time Podcaster and Voice Actor with a PRO Studio in Bishop, California. He has been podcasting for 5 years and a recent graduate from The Great Voice Company.

When he’s not recording, wrangling future podcast guests or capturing magnificent outdoor images, Rick is somewhere chasing fish, wandering the high sierra backcountry, or planning his next adventure.

As an Outdoor Guide and Brand Leader for more than 25 years, Rick can relate to how product designers, marketing leaders, executives, sales reps, retail buyers and consumers think and speak.

Looking for that authentic well adventured voice? Experience of a life lived outside? The excitement and hesitation of a white water river or the exhilaration of reaching the top of a 20,000 foot summit? Rick has been there, he can do it all flawlessly for smooth listening.

Rick is a seasoned speaker and presenter. Whether it is the Americana storytelling narrator in that National Geographic documentary, or an authentic announcer in “All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten”, Rick is versatile and can deliver whichever style fits the read.

Rick is also a huge sports fanatic. He follows all the sports, and is a baseball and football junkie!

Rick has a professional full-service home studio, and he’s here to bring your words to life.

Range 35 – 75 / Non-Union

Warm, Relaxed, Confident, Friendly, Guy Next Door, Traditional Announcer, Informative, Americana StoryTeller


  • Commercials
  • Corporate Narration
  • Documentaries
  • Political Voice Overs
  • E-Learning
  • Non-Broadcast



Rick Saez Demo- produced by The great voice company


tin cup whiskey- self produced