October 18, 2022

Wolters World- Honest Travel Advice [EP 351]

Show Notes

Rick Saez
Wolters World- Honest Travel Advice [EP 351]

From Japan to Jacksonville Mark and his family want to show fellow travelers the world. As a family of four who has spent decades living, traveling, and working abroad they appreciate honesty in travel and aim to give that to others to help make the most of their precious travel time and Mark is here to tell us all about it.

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Show Notes

Mark’s favorite outdoor gear purchase under one hundred dollars?

Osprey Nebula Backpack

Mark’s Advice

“Just do it like, you know, some people are like, Don’t make yourself more competition. I’m like, Why not? Like there’s, I, I can’t go everywhere in the world, you know? And they can go to the same place and they’ll have a different experience. And, and that’s one thing, as I’ve seen a lot, a lot more new travel bloggers and bloggers coming up after Covid, cuz people are, you know, the Van Life stuff and they’re traveling around and making content is really helped to bring a lot more attention to smaller locations. So I tell people like, you know, do it. But I think if you’re gonna. The blog are, you’re gonna do the, the videos, have an idea of what you wanna do. I mean, you make, just try it a lot of different videos, see what kind of works for you, and go from there.”

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