June 18, 2024

Unleashing Boundless Adventure: Scuba Diving, Outdoor Pursuits, and Inspiring Stories with Chris and Kelly Kibbee [EP 448]

Show Notes

Rick Saez
Unleashing Boundless Adventure: Scuba Diving, Outdoor Pursuits, and Inspiring Stories with Chris and Kelly Kibbee [EP 448]

This week, I’m talking with Chris and Kelly Kibbee, founders of No Limits Scuba in Tempe, Arizona. Whether you’re just discovering scuba or looking to go professional, No Limits Scuba sets you apart by offering the highest quality and standards for safety and fun.

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Show Notes

06:25 Dream of scuba shop ownership fulfilled; now No Limits Scuba has been a full-time career for 11 years.

09:57 Thriving desert diving community offers surprising vibrancy.

11:23 Arizona and Colorado compete for most divers.

16:11 Training leads to becoming a diving instructor. Skills prepare for teaching and responsibility.

19:56 Progress through courses to gain new diving skills and specialties.

22:49 Gradual diving program tailored to individual goals.

24:44 Traveling fosters a sense of community through scuba diving, creating lasting connections with a group of dedicated individuals who become like family.

27:13 Instructor helped mentee become a successful scuba diving instructor.

30:21 Arizona offers diverse outdoor activities, including snowboarding and hiking. The state’s geographical diversity allows for cooler, higher elevations just a few hours north of the valley, providing a refreshing escape from the heat.

36:15 Enjoys both biographies and fiction, recently read some of Nick Offerman’s books, specifically recommending “Paddle Your Own Canoe” for its solid comedic approach to living a meaningful life and Dark Tower series by Stephen King.

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You can follow up with Chris and Kelly on Facebook and Instagram and by email: chris@nolimitesscuba.com and kelly@nolimitesscuba.com

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