September 12, 2023

Tracey Brown on Tackling Malaria, Lyme Disease, and More with Para’kito [EP 401]

Show Notes

Rick Saez
Tracey Brown on Tackling Malaria, Lyme Disease, and More with Para'kito [EP 401]

Welcome to episode 401 of The Outdoor Biz Podcast, brought to you this week by The Running Event.

The world is a wonderful place full of exciting adventures. And I don’t let much stop me from getting out and enjoying those adventures. But sometimes . . . the bugs, particularly mosquitos here in the Eastern Sierra . . . can be relentless.

So I use natural repellants from PARA’KITO®. PARA’KITO® wants you to embrace this world, to travel, to explore, and to enjoy its beauty, all naturally free from the nuisance of insects. PARA’KITO® is your caring, natural, effective protection.

And Tracey Brown is with me today to explain how they protect us from the harmful bites from mosquitos, ticks, and other nasty buggers.

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Show Notes

[00:01:38] Malaria kills thousands worldwide each year, now a concern in the US.

[00:06:13] Our 1-inch polymer product slowly diffuses essential oil fragrance for 2 weeks. Waterproof and effective within a 4-foot radius. Amazing.

[00:09:59] Different countries have unique regulations for FDA equivalents, resulting in variations in product formulations, including essential oils used.

[00:13:26] The US military still issues DEET despite its dangers.

[00:18:42] Exciting, natural insect repellant by Evergreenland and French trio. Successful brand solving problems, growing adoption.

[00:20:34] Entry-level opportunities in the outdoor industry can bring joy and open doors, regardless of experience. Embrace any role to get started.

Favorite piece of outdoor gear under $100- “it’s the ramp that I use to get my Old golden retriever in and out of my car.

Favorite Books: Sunset and Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine

Check us out at parakito. com. It’s P A R A K I T O, and use the code FAMILY for 50% off of whatever you buy on the website.

Follow up with Tracey: at and on LinkedIn 


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