April 19, 2022

Town Hall Outdoor Co. founder Robin Hall on Planet, Kids, Community, and Outdoors [EP 325]

Show Notes

Rick Saez
Town Hall Outdoor Co. founder Robin Hall on Planet, Kids, Community, and Outdoors [EP 325]

Welcome to Episode 325 of The Outdoor Biz Podcast. Robin Hall says that her passions are Planet + Kids + Community + Outdoors and she is putting her heart and soul into her startup Town Hall Outdoor Co. She tells us about their kids’ outdoor gear and how they are having so much fun!

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Show Notes

Intro to Outdoors

I grew up in the San Francisco bay area, not far from you and Bishop, of course. But I fell in love with the outdoors through just simply being outside, gardening with my mom and swimming in backyard pools with my best friend, until the sun goes down and all those things.

But then my family really started taking longer two-week vacations. Just roaming the west in our family station wagon with four of us kids in the back. And that’s where it just hit me. The National Parks and the Eastern Sierra, specifically 395, your whole area. But then Yosemite feels like my second home. And so the outdoors was infused early on. We didn’t camp every weekend or do all those things, but it was just a natural progression of spending as much time outside as we could.

Town Hall Outdoor Co.

We’re making sustainable kids, outdoor apparel we saw some really nice white space in that market where it’s a pure kids play, we are laser-focused on kids. And in fact, they’re informing so much of what we do.

We have so many lovers of the outdoors and different types of kiddos in this town. It’s really great to just ask them what they need and a jacket, what they’re looking for, what, those types of things. So product, Yes there’s a lot of watermelon trail mix and lemonade blankets.

Favorite Gear

Smart Wool Socks

Grass Sticks Award-Winning Ski Poles

Solar Powered LED String Lights


The three things I always really harp on are, One, find something you’re passionate about, and then, if you’re starting a business and even if you’re in one, really push to develop your purpose, mission, vision, and values first, and then I guess my last one in the vein of kind of community is really networking . . .”

Special Offer

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Follow up with Robin and Town Hall Outdoor Co.