October 25, 2022

The Running Event Launches Switchback for Outdoor [EP 352]

Show Notes

Rick Saez
The Running Event Launches Switchback for Outdoor [EP 352]
Christina Henderson, Event Director for The Running Event, your premier conference and trade show for run specialty retailers talks about the new space for Outdoor Brands at TRE. Switchback.

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Show Notes

Christina’s favorite outdoor gear purchase under one hundred dollars?

Socks, get yourself a good pair of socks

Christina’s favorite books

Reese Wither Spoon Book Club

Untamed by Glennon Doyle

Christina’s Advice

“People always think about getting into the industry by working for a brand. And you know, I that’s, that’s one route, but a route that some people don’t think about is to start at the retail level. These specialty stores invest in their employees and they create growth opportunities for them and really create a career. At the store, you know, we have marketing directors at stores, we have buyers, and it’s a great way to join the industry. Get involved in your community. . And from there, you know, you may want to grow within your store that you’re working for or there are, you know, many ways to then go work for a brand from there once you know the industry. So I would encourage looking at the retail level as a way to. Join the industry and, and, and then see. See what you like from there”

Follow up with Christina

Website: https://www.therunningevent.com


IG: @cjflenderson