January 17, 2023

The Running Event Follow up with Show Director Christina Henderson [EP 364]

Show Notes

Rick Saez
The Running Event Follow up with Show Director Christina Henderson [EP 364]
Christina Henderson, Event Director for The Running Event, your premier conference and trade show for run specialty retailers talks about the new space for Outdoor Brands at TRE. Switchback. Christina and I talk about the recent TRE show in Austin and the debut of their new Switchback space featuring Outdoor brands.

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Show Notes

So let’s talk about 2022 overall. Obviously, it was good. Does the whole team feel that way?

Everyone truly walked away feeling very good. So, very positive energy and accomplishment. And of course, there are always things that we can work on and do better, but you know, the team walked away. feeling very proud of what we did and as they should.

What were your top three wins from the Switchback space?

Switchback at the running event was space on the trade show floor, but it was also networking opportunities. We did a breakfast with the Conservation Alliance and we did a trail cleanup. It truly was an experience and, we walked away feeling very happy with what we accomplished in year one.

What was the feedback from the brands?

Our number one objective is can we create a space for business to happen. And, that is what happened in the Switchback space and the TRE space. We have received, very positive feedback from brands in the switchback space and. Saying again, “Hey, we’re behind you. This concept is going to work and we will support you moving forward. We found value this year and we believe that there will be even more next year.

Was there anything you were a little worried about that, but came off as fantastic?

The first that comes to mind is our education program. We have heard more feedback on our education program than any other year, and it wasn’t by accident. I will say the team this year, we were so deliberate and intentional with every piece, and education was a big focus of ours.

So as your first time as the head honcho, how’d that feel?

It felt great. It really did. You know being on-site, it’s my favorite week of the year. There’s no question. Just seeing all the smiling faces, all of the energy, people are learning, and truly, my team thrive.


Follow up with Christina

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