August 29, 2023

The path from writing articles and newsletters to his first novel with Outdoor Author Chad Adams [EP 399]

Show Notes

Rick Saez
The path from writing articles and newsletters to his first novel with Outdoor Author Chad Adams [EP 399]

Welcome to episode 399 of The Outdoor Biz Podcast, brought to you this week by Thrive Market. Is that novel of yours “still” rolling around in your brain? Outdoor Author Chad Adams describes the path that took him from writing articles about duck hunting, hundreds of weekly newsletter editorials, and ghostwriting for executives to his recently published first novel, How To Walk In the Marsh.

Shoot Chad a message over on Instagram, “the first two people that send me a message, I’ll send them a code to have access to a free copy of the audio book.”

Brought to you this week by Thrive Market

Show Notes

Things we talked about:

[00:01:29] Chad describes a personal connection to fishing and a family legacy.

[00:04:45] Chad talks about his experiences fishing and hunting, particularly duck hunting, and how these activities were passed down from father to son.

[00:08:08] How Chad got connected through his Dad connecting him to a writing opportunity through his social skills; started earning as a writer.

[00:10:59] Chad tells us how he worked for the same company for 20 years, starting with writing a corporate newsletter and eventually gaining the confidence to write messages for executives.

[00:15:13] He is open to writing anything, enjoys the process, and appreciates the therapeutic aspect.

[00:19:56] Chad discusses the significance of quiet moments outdoors, passing down traditions, facing adversity, and reconnecting with one’s roots. He also hints at a personal story involving his relationship with his father and raising their own children.

Chad’s Book

Chad’s Advice if you want to be a writer

“Don’t delay, start writing and fulfill your dream.”

Favorite Books

Into the Wild by John Krakauer

The Servant by James Hunter

Favorite piece of outdoor gear under 100?

We do all of our hunting and fishing, mostly in salt water. So, this might sound simple, but a good dry box goes a long way, man, because shotgun shells and salt water . . . that doesn’t mix well, you gotta keep your gear dry.

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