April 9, 2024

The Future of the Outdoor Biz: Barry McGeough on Growth, Sustainability, and Circular Innovation [EP 435]

Show Notes

Rick Saez
The Future of the Outdoor Biz: Barry McGeough on Growth, Sustainability, and Circular Innovation [EP 435]

Today, I’m talking with Barry McGeough. Barry is an applied innovation Fortune 500 leader who delivers high-impact solutions to global multi-brand verticals that drive exponential growth for some of the world’s most iconic brands.

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Show Notes

00:00 Friend’s 60th birthday boat trip to Channel Islands, cooking as camp cook after returning from China.

06:31 Discusses innovating for brands through athlete-driven ideas.

11:32 AI relies on large language models to learn and improve, needing constant updates and access to vast amounts of data.

20:58 Proposing garment recycling for polyester energy.

23:07 Companies face sustainability legislation and extended producer responsibility acts globally e.g. EU, New York, California, and France.

29:37 Used shoe recycling process lowers costs, reduces landfill waste.

36:25 Volunteered for education-focused NGO in Vietnam, aiming to uplift rural children through STEM education to attend university.

38:02 Organization supports Vietnamese education and leadership in Vietnam and the US.

46:05 Emphasis on applied innovation, connection to core business, and leveraging influence without P&L ownership.

52:16 Collaborating to ensure footwear quality and suitability for purpose during commercialization.

53:42 Barry supports startups and advises them to be honest and straightforward.

58:28 Data is collected from ambient sources, like location and environment, and used to create a detailed picture of activities and trends.

01:06:55 Recommend resources: a16z newsletter, TLDR Newsletter, MIT Technology Review, Harvard Business Review, McKinsey for trend insights.

01:11:38 Society has godlike capabilities but cavemanlike instincts, leading to the question of the human vs. the machine. The focus is on mental health and technology’s impact on isolation.

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