March 26, 2024

The Evolution of Outdoor Hydration Solutions with MXXY’s Drew Dawson [EP 432]

Show Notes

Rick Saez
The Evolution of Outdoor Hydration Solutions with MXXY's Drew Dawson [EP 432]

Today I’m talking with MXXY co-founder Drew Dawson. MXXY was born on the trails of Marin County, California. Growing up there Drew and co-founder Nicloa Beglum spent their days hiking, biking and running. Electrolytes played a big role in helping them feel and perform their best but fumbling with extra bottles was a distraction, and reservoirs left a gunky mess to clean when they got home. The technology didn’t exist to solve that so they created it. Today, Drew and I talk about that and plenty more.

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Show Notes

04:14 Founding company, bonding with biking community.

08:09 Discovering electrolytes; the neon fluid phenomenon.

11:12 Innovative water system with effective cleaning solutions.

15:17 Learning from selling minimum viable product critical.

16:57 Passion for building physical products drove success.

22:21 Life is a constant ebb and flow.

31:23 Modular system with detachable and replaceable parts.

33:17 Embracing challenges leads to personal growth.

37:17 Fan of YETI’s founders and brand.

39:47 Validate your business idea with data first.

43:52 Building anything is valuable in business.

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