January 16, 2024

Sustainable Travel and Community Empowerment: Samira Holma’s Journey [EP 422]

Show Notes

Rick Saez
Sustainable Travel and Community Empowerment: Samira Holma's Journey [EP 422]


Today, I’m speaking with entrepreneur, marketer, writer, and full-time traveler Samira Holma.

Samira helps brands and places lead the way in hospitality and the future of work improving and growing their impact with marketing that supports local communities.

In 2016, she turned her passions for marketing and travel into her lifestyle and became a full-time traveling marketing consultant & writer. She’s been traveling non-stop, without a fixed base, ever since.

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Show Notes

Questions we Discussed

  • Let’s begin with
    • how were you inspired to travel the world?
    • where was your first trip to a new country
    • how about your first new continent?
    • what inspired you to get into marketing?
    • you have a Bachelor’s in International Marketing from BI Norwegian School of Management how did you decide to go there?
    • your bio says you are an entrepreneur, marketer, writer, and full-time traveler, tell us about your work what do you do, and how do you keep up with everything while you’re traveling?
    • how do you help destinations and brands upgrade and attract the right audience with strategies that boost local communities
    • which part of the business you are most passionate about?
    • tell us about your audience, what are a couple of their key demographics?
    • do you have an “our craziest adventure” story from all your travels?
    • Is there someplace you haven’t been to yet that is high on your list?
    • what are a couple of your favorite outdoor activities you participate in?
    • do you have any suggestions and/or advice for folks wanting to get into the travel biz
    • What is your favorite travel gear purchase under $100 A good Sleep Mask
    • do you have any favorite books or books you give as gifts? One that I keep Recommending and giving away as well is Effortless.
    • Is there anything else you want to say or ask of our listeners

Learn More

To learn more about Samira and her work, visit her website at: samiraholma.com

You can also visit Samira on these social sites:




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