November 8, 2022

Sustainable Tourism with Rachel Dodds [EP 354]

Show Notes

Rick Saez
Sustainable Tourism with Rachel Dodds [EP 354]

Today I’m joined by Rachel Dodds the Director of Sustaining Tourism – a boutique consulting firm.

A dynamic, self-starter with over 25 years of international experience across a wide spectrum of the tourism industry. Dr. Dodds has worked with hotels, large and small tour operators, tourism planners, sustainable tourism management, and more.

Rachel has two specialties within the tourism industry:

Sustainable/Responsible/Regenerative Tourism Consulting 

Speaking engagements 

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Show Notes

You can get Rachel’s Book “Are We There Yet? Traveling More Responsibly with Your Children HERE

Rachel’s favorite outdoor gear purchase under one hundred dollars?

LifeStraw :

Rachel’s Advice

“I would say figure out what you’re good at. I think so many of us try and do everything, especially as consultants and you can’t do everything and, that’s when you need to find your team of different people who have different skill sets. Because then you become complementary. And I would say find, make sure that you love what you do. You know, my dad told me a long time ago that you spend 80% of your day at work. You, you gotta like it. and, I feel like that’s one thing about the travel industry and the outdoor industry is that most people in it love it.”

Website: Sustainable Tourism