May 28, 2024

Retail and Brand Connections: SKU Candy founder Jon Neff Explains their Platform and Service [EP 445]

Show Notes

Rick Saez
Retail and Brand Connections: SKU Candy founder Jon Neff Explains their Platform and Service [EP 445]

Welcome to episode 445 of The Outdoor Biz Podcast; today, I’m talking with Jon Neff, founder of SKU Candy. Jon is a passionate and experienced entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of international business experience and a proven track record for developing and growing brands. Sku Candy’s mission is to be the premier wholesale marketplace for buying and selling in the Outdoor, Lifestyle, Surf, and Sporting Goods categories.

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Show Notes

09:25 Promotes positive interactions with shop owners.

11:28 Challenges of trade show marketing.

13:12 Creating a trustworthy brand message and distribution.

16:38 Brands cater to emerging businesses, offer help to grow.

20:27 Growth and challenges led to successful platform.

24:13 Brands expanding into retail, LISS makes surfboard racks.

26:19 Pale Blue Earth offers rechargeable batteries to reduce pollution from disposable ones. They have a 1,000 charge cycle and limited lifetime guarantee. Use code OD Biz Blue 15 for 15% off at

31:22 Experienced person continues to get gear questions.

35:28 Encouragement to join the growing surfing industry due to diversification.

37:48 Developing new platform, “we call it V2′.

39:26 Brands and buyers seek new, unique, and innovative offerings for competitive advantage.

41:34 Favorite piece of outdoor gear under a hundred dollars: Outdoor Elements Fire Biner and a new brand, Fire Maple, from Asia, which won ISPO awards and offers the X2.

Favorite Books Jack Mars and Simion Sinek

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