February 6, 2024

Reeling in Change: How Rising to the Fly is Empowering Women in Fly Fishing [EP 425]

Show Notes

Rick Saez
Reeling in Change: How Rising to the Fly is Empowering Women in Fly Fishing [EP 425]

Julia Mitchell had a kernel of this idea she was noodling on for a few years. She had had some “lightly used” fly fishing clothes that didn’t fit her anymore and thought they would be perfect for another angler. Julia was working in a leadership role with United Women on the Fly, and also started a leadership role with a local fly fishing group where she met Temma Roby. After sharing her idea of breaking down barriers for women to enjoy fly fishing and providing used or donated gear and clothing Temma was on board with the mission. On August 5th, 2022 Rising to the Fly was born!

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Show Notes

Rising to the Fly

00:00 Decided to expand fly fishing group nationwide, changed name to “Rising to the Fly.”

04:15 Learned fly fishing in 1999, started with intro clinic, now passionate about it.

09:39 Idea stemmed from unused fishing shirts, expanded to include gear for exchange among women.

13:23 Partners with organizations, holds clinics & training for women.

15:02 Received campground donation for weekend, stocked pond, women caught fish, divided into smaller groups for activities.

18:48 Shop manager offered support, received products, plans to engage other Orvis shops.

21:02 Transformed garage into warehouse, repurposed hangers for inventory.

27:19 Tema and I reached out to other nonprofits for advice on donations and applications, providing helpful insights and support.

30:00 Excited about new lanyard, makes life easier outdoors.

35:16 Encourage website and social media visit, subscribe, and donate gear or money.

36:04 Seeking financial and gear support for shipping and donations. Accepting applications for gear. Seeking support from companies.

Learn More

To learn more about Julia, Temma, and Rising to the Fly, visit their website at: risingtothefly.com

You can also visit Rising to the Fly on these social sites:




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