November 15, 2022

Postcard Travel, Building Empathy and Educating Travelers Through Storytelling [EP 355]

Show Notes

Rick Saez
Postcard Travel, Building Empathy and Educating Travelers Through Storytelling [EP 355]

Today on Episode 355 of the Outdoor Biz Podcast. Ammit Jaipuria joins me from Postcard Travel. Ammit and his team are Inspiring a New Generation of Mindful Travelers Through Storytelling.

At Postcard, they believe responsible travel starts with building empathy and educating travelers about the people and places they visit. They invite travel writers, hotels, travel designers, industry groups and tourism boards to come together and showcase local stories of their people, history, culture, food, nature and wildlife. They share these stories with a global community of travelers and invite them to book with their partners.

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Show Notes

As a serial entrepreneur for the last 22 years, Amit has started multiple companies across industries such as consumer tech, retail, agri-tech, fine art, and travel. He is passionate about creating and empowering communities to bring about change in the status quo. He believes responsible travel starts with building empathy and educating people about the people and places they visit. He started Postcard Travel because he found it difficult to find luxury hotels and tours that supported the local community and promoted responsible tourism. Postcard is a Direct-to-Consumer representation company bringing together a global community of established travel writers, luxury hotels, and travel designers who are authentic voices for responsible tourism. They use storytelling to inspire travelers to learn more about their destinations and engage in deeper and more mindful experiences. Postcard’s mission is to build the world’s largest collection of local stories and connect travelers with the people that promote responsible tourism.

Ammit’s favorite outdoor gear purchase under one hundred dollars?


Ammit’s Advice

“I think, the research are showing it, the trends that are all around us are showing it. It’s still a nascent industry, but there’s a lot of opportunity there where I think entrepreneurs are needed to sort of affect change at the ground level. So I think if there are people out there looking to get into this industry . . . work for impact, work to sort of change at the local level and, do what you can if you’re passionate about it.”

Website: Postcard Travel