July 26, 2022

Podcasting ideas that inspire followers and grow revenue, for any business! With Podcaster and Coach Howard Fox. [EP 339]

Show Notes

Rick Saez
Podcasting ideas that inspire followers and grow revenue, for any business! With Podcaster and Coach Howard Fox. [EP 339]

Fellow Podcaster, Business Coach, and OWAA compadre Howard Fox stops by to talk about his two podcasts. We also drop plenty of ideas small and large businesses can implement through podcasting to inspire followers and grow revenue.

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Show Notes

How did you get into podcasting and how’d that come to life?

That’s actually an interesting question and I’m glad you asked it. Podcasting was a solution to my clients that I was working with on LinkedIn and how you get to the end of the year, and here comes New Year’s and you have some goals that you have in mind. Maybe you wanna write a blog, maybe you wanna write a paper, write a book. And I had a number of LinkedIn clients, there was a business owner, one of them as a career development coach, leadership coach, much like myself, and they were wanting to promote their work in the business and they talked about blogging and then they just said I struggle with it I don’t know what to say.

I had a radio show a year or two earlier, only lasted for about a year. There were some reasons why walked away from that. But my idea for them was why don’t I interview you on a zoom call, like we would do today for work or that’s how I do record my podcast. Why don’t I interview you? We’ll take that recording and we’ll edit it. And we’ll turn that into a podcast episode. And then my business partner at the time would then take the transcript and he would write an article. And create social quotes, including little one-page photos with some snippets quotes on it.

So we would then post the article on LinkedIn as a blog post. I think they call it an article. And so that’s how the podcasting started. We were working with these clients on LinkedIn and helping them create the content.

Howard’s two Podcasts

Success Insights Podcast

We came up with the name eventually of Success Insight Podcast, and success insight was a play on words. So success is what it is . . . success, but insight actually could be success is insight or just the act of having insight into something that’s going on in your life. I think there was somebody else the word success and insight, so I just added the word podcast to it at the end. And that’s how we got Success Insight Podcast. As we were creating the episodes, it was becoming clear that I could categorize these episodes into a number of categories coaching and consulting, mind, body, and soul, like with a health and wellness focus. We do a mindset Monday series with a golf pro. There’s also a leadership coach. We have the author series and small business.

How did you get into the Outdoors? Outdoor Adventure Series

When I moved to Las Vegas from Chicago, I wanted to get into the outdoor space. I then began interviewing people who did outdoor activities, everything from boondocking to camping, and hiking, what kind of car do you buy? How do you do dark sky photography? And so the outdoor adventure series was another component of the Success Insight Podcast. So success insights I think began in February 2019. So we’re in our fourth year. And I think we probably have well over 300 episodes on success insight. So, that worked out really well. And then without outdoor adventure, we’ve got 58 episodes now of it.

Ways a small business can specifically use a podcast.

1. First and foremost a podcast is content. It’s another form of content. It’s perhaps a modality that you’re not actually undertaking. You know, radio is expensive, TV is expensive. But you can create an audio file and put it onto a platform, whatever platform that might be. And if you’ve got the right SEO and hashtags, it can be shared around the world. So I look at it as a way to create content. You can use it to promote not only the internal workings of your business but your employees, your staff becomes what I like to call your brand ambassadors.

2. Then you can also use your podcast to share stories from your clients. So if you bought a piece of equipment, you know, the tent, the hiking poles, the rooftop tent, whatever you use for Boondocking or photography. What are your customers saying about why they chose you over your competitor Those stories are gold. And most folks that you would ask to participate in this, they’re excited to be able to share their story. And even the company themselves should be excited to share their story about their business and why they do what they do.

3. The other thing is this podcasting recording is gonna go everywhere. Whether it’s Apple, Google, Amazon, Spotify, or iHeartRadio, it literally can be found anywhere around the world, 24-7. And this chamber that I work with here in Nevada, I was helping them record some little mini podcasts. Every year they do a spring Jamboree. . so the CEO of the chamber is off doing her work and I was basically interviewing people who had attended this event. The Chamber ended up with somebody from Ireland reaching out to her. You just never know where people are gonna pick up the episode and it was wonderful. So maybe these folks are now gonna come to Nevada. They’re gonna come visit Hoover dam. Hopefully, they’ll still see Lake Mead if it’s still there. But Boulder City is this cute little town. so yeah, come to Vegas, do your gambling stuff. But now these folks from Ireland know that 45-30 minutes away is Boulder City.

Do you have any suggestions or advice for folks wanting to get into coaching or podcasting?

I would say it’s easier to get into podcasting personally. Coaching is becoming so saturated. And if you do it, podcasting, I would say, you gotta go in with your eyes wide open. You have to know what you’re getting yourself into and do your research. How are you going to podcast? What and who are your guests? What topic do you want to produce?

Same thing with coaching. Why do you want to be a coach? Why do you want to make this investment? And especially in coaching, there’s such saturation and every time you turn around there’s some new coaching program that is getting launched, and there’s just a lot of competition. Would I still make the same decision back, you know, when I did? I don’t know. I really don’t, but it was the right decision at the moment, cuz I didn’t want to die alone in a hotel room as an IT consultant. It’s a great profession, but you have to know what you’re getting yourself into.

Favorite Books

The Trail by Ethan Gallogly

The Leadership Challenge James M. KouzesBarry Posner

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

Taming Your Gremlin by Rick Carson

Howard’s Insight

“The real joy and challenge and enlightenment insight come from getting off the scenic route. You know, park off the trails and go walk a trail, see what’s out there, challenge yourself. Because, in this day and age, we can get very comfortable in our lives, what we do, what we think we’re comfortable with, and really not stretching ourselves to go beyond what we thought was possible. So I like to say to my clients, and I would say to my listeners as well get off the scenic route, see what else is out there.”

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