June 25, 2024

Pedaling Through Europe: Lauren Hefferon on the Joys of Biking Tours and Cultural Immersion [EP 449]

Show Notes

Rick Saez
Pedaling Through Europe: Lauren Hefferon on the Joys of Biking Tours and Cultural Immersion [EP 449]

Welcome to episode 449 of the Outdoor Biz Podcast. This week, I’m talking with Lauren Hefferon. Lauren has been a devoted cyclist for over 40 years. While in high school in Southern NH, Lauren discovered her passion for pedaling after a serious ski injury prevented her from downhill ski racing and playing many team sports. Upon graduating with a degree in Graphic Design in Mass Art, Laure decided to follow her entrepreneurial cravings and launched Ciclismo Classico. Their mission is to inspire active travelers to embrace cycling as a soulful form of travel that connects us with the world and to the passionate, curious, and creative human spirit.


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Show Notes

00:00 Rick Saez shares outdoor industry insights, interviews, and product innovation on the Outdoor Biz Podcast.

03:30 Lauren grew up without a bicycle in the 1960s until she got her purple Schwinn.

06:34 Art and curiosity drive Lauren’s varied interest in anthropology.

11:21 After Cornell, Lauren toured Europe and worked as a tour guide in Italy.

13:30 Created educational bike tours focused on teaching, not luxury. Started with the Pisa to Florence itinerary.

17:21 Some of the early challenges were in bike quality and hotel operations.

20:59 Lauren believes in learning through bicycle tours.

24:25 Promotion of lesser-known trips in Italy creates a succession of tours.

27:57 The goal is to create memorable and safe experiences on bicycle trips, including organizing a surprise performance by the Cortina Choir in the Dolomites.

31:20 Switching from driving tours to biking trips, aiming for full human-powered travel, with exceptions for uninteresting or traffic-heavy stretches.

32:53 Gravel riding in Tuscany and other regions is popular.

35:25 Prefer phone calls for personal connection in planning bicycle trips. Focus on understanding and personalizing experience.

40:44 I love Mary Oliver’s nature poems. They remind me to be grateful.

42:01 Cycling should be enjoyed at your own pace, not about speed or sleekness, akin to a ski vacation.

45:37 E-bikes are extending cycling age range and accessibility.

49:32 Lauren turned cyclist after a knee injury, emphasizing the importance of low-impact exercise.

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You can follow up with Lauren on Facebook and Instagram by email: and call her directly at 617-640-4837. That’s my cell phone. And then our 800 number is 1-800-866-7314. And our company is www.cyclismoclassico.com

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