March 15, 2022

Outdoor Business, Marketing, & Growth in Fishing with Costa Sunglasses VP of Marketing John Acosta [EP 320]

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Rick Saez
Outdoor Business, Marketing, & Growth in Fishing with Costa Sunglasses VP of Marketing John Acosta [EP 320]

This week I’m talking with Costa Sunglasses’ new VP of Marketing John Acosta. With more than 20 years of experience in the outdoor and fishing industries, John will now oversee Costa’s global marketing efforts.

We talk about the exciting opportunity in the fishing industry. 2021 marked the best year ever in Costa’s history – in terms of sales and performance and the fishing industry is also experiencing the highest growth in fishing participation in more than a decade.

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Show Notes


Bass Pro Shops

Costa Sunglasses

Johnny Morris

Big Cedar Lodge

Major League Fishing


Competition Bass Fishing

The Bassmaster Elite Series

Kroenke Sports and Entertainment

Managing teams

 Marketing: The Four Rs

1 Reach-what we’re doing is getting awareness, getting out there.

2 Relationship– what we’re doing is building Relationships. Those could be through pros that we sponsor, ambassadors, brand partnerships, sponsorships, or anything else of that nature.

3 Retail Activation– what is the endpoint of what we’re doing? How do we come to life at the point of purchase or where the consumer’s moment of truth is, where they’re making a decision.

4 Responsibility- I think this is really important because as a corporate entity and structure we have a responsibility to not only be profitable and do all those other things but try to make the world a better place in some way, shape, or form.


It doesn’t matter what your sport is fishing or football. Not everybody’s going to be pro, most people aren’t going to be pro. But the great thing about fishing specifically, or I’ll just use that as an example, is I’ve seen so many kids come into the industry because of that, then, having a realization that going to college and whatever that they weren’t going to fish competitively, but they want to be in the business. So I think that is an entryway into the business.

I guess my biggest advice is to just be courageous, put yourself out there, talk to people, network, hit them up on LinkedIn. Anyone that reaches out to me. I really try to have a conversation with them, giving guidance or anything else because I want to pay it forward as much as anyone else because I love this industry. I love the space. And if someone else wants to be in this space and is driven and motivated, I’d love to do whatever I can do.

Some of John’s favorite books?

David Allen’s Getting Things Done

Anything that Brene Brown writes


Follow up with John

“hit me up on LinkedIn