April 2, 2024

Nomadic living and Environmental Advocacy with Outdoor Minimalist Meg Carney [EP 433]

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Rick Saez
Nomadic living and Environmental Advocacy with Outdoor Minimalist Meg Carney [EP 433]

Welcome to Episode 433 of the Outdoor Biz Podcast with outdoor writer and podcaster Meg Carney.

Meg is an outdoor and environmental writer with a passion for environmental advocacy. She primarily covers topics within the outdoor industry ranging from the best new products and greenwashing to the scientific coverups of hazardous chemicals. And if you’re not listening to her series on Forever Chemicals released on March 4th . . . get on that . . . it’s a MUST listen. Meg is dropping New episodes every Monday through April.

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Show Notes

00:00 Grandfather’s conservationist influence sparked environmental passion.

05:01 First article published led to freelance writing career.

08:16 The text discusses speciesism, the unequal treatment of different animal species. It uses the example of how dogs are often treated as human children, while pigs are seen as livestock, despite having similar intelligence. The discussion is presented in a fictional narrative.

10:10 Book focuses on consumer sustainability, lacks industry perspective.

14:21 Passionate about surprising complexity of textile industry.

16:43 Teflon pants are made using forever chemicals, known for their extreme durability and widespread use in water repellency. They gained attention through documentaries and have become a major topic in the outdoor industry.

22:53 Explored eastern US outdoor spaces during 5-month trip.

24:26 Minnesota van adventure with cozy warm nights and free camping experiences.

27:41 Hiking, mud mishap in South Carolina.

29:24 Favorite Outdoor Activity: Gravel Biking and I love any of the jouring activities, ski jouring, bike jouring anything that can allow me to recreate with my dogs.

32:24 Buying less reduces environmental impact and waste. Textiles are particularly difficult to reuse and recycle efficiently, so making products last longer is crucial. Applying waterproofing to extend the life of clothing is a sustainable practice.

35:10 Lava Linens, a Woman-founded company offers efficient, compact travel towels.

37:19 Meg’s Favorite Book: The Monkey Wrench Gang, Desert Solitaire, Ed Abbey’s Essays, Megs Book Outdoor Minimalist

38:32 Doug Peacock and environmental conservation. OD Biz Episode 326


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