April 30, 2024

Navigating the World of Travel Writing with Jessica Poitevien [EP 441]

Show Notes

Rick Saez
Navigating the World of Travel Writing with Jessica Poitevien [EP 441]

Today on The Outdoor Biz Podcast I’m talking with Travel Writer Jessica Poitevien. Jessica says that storytelling has always been her passion. Whether she’s reviewing a new hotel, diving deep into little-known destinations or helping a travel brand tell their story, she does it all with the hopes of inspiring others to explore this beautiful world.

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Show Notes

04:54 Jessica Started a travel blog in Spain, burned out, and freelance writing led to a travel job.

08:38 Stories have a purpose – entertaining vs. informative.

10:24 Knowing your limitations as a travel writer as a travel writer, and using local expertise.

14:51 I remember I went on a press trip once, and I was on an assignment to write about this resort.

It was not my type of vacation; others loved it, considering the target audience.

17:32 Style depends on story, some for issue-solving, a personal experience, expert advice, lists of things, etc.

20:39 Editors are flexible about travel stories.

29:13 Find time to create. It’s challenging, but I must sit down and write or walk to gather thoughts.

30:29 Connected with ATTA through colleague Amanda Castleman, co-teaching, travel writing, pitching, recommended for ATTA events.

34:49 Jessica’s advice for getting into travel writing: Start with what you know, writing about familiar places first.

38:48 AI and technology may handle basic writing, leaving space for genuine storytelling.

Jessicas Favorite Book: The Alchemist

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You can follow Jessica on her LinkedIn page and on her website, She Dreams of Travel.

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