May 14, 2024

Jake Wallace: Wilderness Medicine, Risk Management, and Outdoor Adventure [EP 443]

Show Notes

Rick Saez
Jake Wallace: Wilderness Medicine, Risk Management, and Outdoor Adventure [EP 443]

Jake Wallace was born and raised in the corn fields of Iowa, where he learned how to fix fences, build barns, and generally throw hay bales larger than cows with ease. Jake’s life has been nothing but an adventure. In addition to working for NOLS Wilderness Medicine, he is a professional mountain guide, which takes him around the world to beautiful mountains and rivers alongside amazing people.

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Show Notes

00:00 Experiencing outdoor adventures sparked lifelong enthusiasm.

03:59 Jake enjoys diverse pursuits and follows people they admire in various fields, such as outdoor education, leadership, and medicine. They believe in imparting wisdom and following the example of respected individuals.

07:04 Trauma where a dear friend was killed spurred career change and led to helping others outdoors.

11:13 Appreciating diverse cultures during travel.

15:52 Swift water rescue training in California, accident injures teammate.

18:13 Took first responder course, met friends, and kept up with instructors.

21:23 Wilderness medicine course with three instructors, 30 students, hands-on training, high exam pass rate.

25:32 It’s important for groups and guides to push comfort levels for growth.

26:16 Learning to manage risk as I age, considering family and recovery ability and the importance of open communication in decision-making.

29:43 The future looks promising with growing outdoor interest, but time and money constraints may affect long outdoor courses like NOLS.

34:47 Advice for aspiring outdoor industry professionals: Respect the community, follow your passion, and learn from experienced mentors.

37:16 Favorite gear under $100: I’ve got this really old stuff sack that I think it was for a pair of skins from 15, 20, 20 years ago. That stuff sack

always has all of my favorite snacks in it, so I think my favorite thing is my snack bag.

38:15 Do you have a favorite book or two? Yeah, I read a lot. One of my favorite authors is Bill Bryson and a walk in the woods.

Another I can’t think of right now. I think it’s called the Emerald Mile.

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