January 31, 2023

Bass Fishing and Podcasting with ‘That Woman Angler’ Angie Scott [EP 366]

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Bass Fishing and Podcasting with 'That Woman Angler' Angie Scott [EP 366]

Pro Angler and Podcaster Angie Scott is the creator of The Woman Angler & Adventurer podcast. And it’s become more than just a podcast. It’s a growing community of like-minded women supporting each other through Angie’s Facebook group. It’s turning into a movement and the industry IS taking notice!

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How were you introduced to Fishing?

I started fishing before I can even remember honestly. Minnesota is where I grew up and it’s just a culture, it seems like, of outdoors people up there.

And so, my dad had a little aluminum fishing boat and a 40-horsepower motor. He still has that same exact boat and motor to this day, which is pretty unheard of. But, he’s mechanical and is able to fix most things when something goes wrong with that motor. But, yeah, so, just grew up doing that.

When did you begin fishing competitively?

So I started that back in 2018. I moved to Nashville back in 1999 and had kind of gotten away from it. I moved down to Nashville and I went to college and then got a job in the music business and that really ended up taking up a lot of my time and kind of pulled me away from, getting out there and fishing.

What were you doing in the music business?

So I went to a school in Tennessee that has a really good music business program called Middle Tennessee State University. And I was on the business side. They have a production side. If you’re wanting to get into like producing records and things like that, then they also have a business side, and that was really where my interests were.

I really had no agenda as far as what I wanted to do in the business. I just knew I wanted to be in the music business.

So did that come from family or how, where’d that come from?

Yeah, a little bit. So I had an older brother, six years older than me, and that’s my only sibling, and he was just really into music growing up.

So I got this job at Creative Artist Agency and ends up, they’re the biggest talent agency in the country. The world maybe.

I did that for 16 years. And I had an interior office for the majority of that time, and that was tough on somebody who really loves the outdoors.

I just getting to the point where I’m like, you know, do I really wanna wake up at 65 and have sat behind a desk my whole life? I love going to concerts and meeting cool people, but I don’t really wanna do this for the rest of my life. And so that’s when I kind of started thinking, what could I do outdoors-oriented? That was when I started working on my captain’s license and started the podcast.

What inspired the storytelling part of it?

I mean, what better way to inspire somebody else to get involved? Then to hear somebody who’s out there doing it every day and how they do it, do it. I just think it’s a great way to inspire people.

And also be able to preserve their stories exactly for future generations. is another great, great benefit to it.

Do you focus mainly on warm-water fishing?

I try to cover everything. So I’ve had a lot of fly anglers on, salt water, I just had a lady on that fishes out of South Carolina offshore quite a bit. so I try to cover everything. I kind of just by default end up covering a lot of bass and freshwater because that’s what I do now. But also, you know, when I’m down in Florida, I end up having a lot of Florida anglers.

Every now and then I get a West Coast angler on the show. I’d love to get more, more of those. and also Colorado, that region of fly fishing.

So tell everybody about That Woman Angler and Adventurer. You offer a ton of resources. How’d you develop that format? Or did it just evolve as you kept adding offerings?

Yeah, it pretty much just evolved.  At the time when I had a six-month break in between careers, I had a lot more time on my hands to be able to offer more things. but now that I work full-time for Freedom Boat Club and fish Tournaments and put out episodes every week, that’s kind of been my bandwidth. We’ve done a few events like we did, a Cape Cod striper fishing event, and then we’ve got a women’s kayak fishing meetup coming up here on January 8th down here outside of Fort Myers that I’m co-hosting with Captain Debbie Hanson, who’s down in this area. And that’s gonna be a super fun event. But as far as that goes, I’m kind of limited on time to how much of that type of stuff I can do.

Do you have any suggestions or advice for folks that want to get into competitive fishing?

Yeah. See if there’s a Team Trial that you can join and start that way. Start as an angler you don’t have to jump in as a boat captain. Most tournament formats you have a pro that’s in control of the boat. Then as an angler you know, if you’re super confident with your boat skills, though, by all means, jump in as a boat captain There are advantages and disadvantages to both. I kind of jumped in as a boater a little faster than I think most people would because I have my captain’s license

Do you have a favorite piece of outdoor gear that costs under a hundred dollars?

I love my Costa sunglasses and they just had a new, new model come out recently this fall called the Jose Pros.

Do you have any favorite books?

There’s a book out that’s pretty legendary. You may have heard of it, called The Four Agreements. And then, kind of on those same lines, there’s another book I’ve been listening to. I think it’s Awaken the Sleeping Giant. But my favorite book is a book called You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero.

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