July 9, 2024

Exploring Nature, Marketing, and Mentorship with Author Emanuel Rose [EP 451]

Show Notes

Rick Saez
Exploring Nature, Marketing, and Mentorship with Author Emanuel Rose [EP 451]

Welcome to episode 451 of the Outdoor Biz Podcast. Today I’m speaking with fellow OWAA member Emanuel Rose. Emanuel is an author, outdoorsman, and marketing expert. He says his love for the natural world has been a constant in my life, and he finds joy in exploring towering forests and the energy of the ocean. His childhood fantasy of discovering special wild places inspired him to write, and his children’s book series, Wenaha Henry, is a growing result of that passion.

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Show Notes

06:10 Emanuel started writing in childhood and shifted to children’s books for grandchildren.

09:41 Emanuel is working on two projects, one about mentoring Gen Z and the other for Gen Z on how to be dynamic individuals. They also wrote about the importance of showing leadership in detoxing from technology and triggering more outdoor time.

12:35 Started a podcast because I was seeking to engage in conversations, provide resources for marketing and AI, and inspire outdoor exploration and wilderness activities.

15:39 re: podcasts, as the host, having the talent and the control allows for selecting guests and topics based on personal interest and connection to outdoor retail wholesale space.

17:21 Authentic Marketing in the Age of AI-AI Marketing: The text is a conversation about the challenges of marketing in the modern world. It focuses on the importance of simplifying marketing efforts and getting back to basics, such as addressing people’s concerns in a human-to-human manner and making transactions easy for them. The speaker emphasizes the need to move away from getting lost in key performance indicators (KPIs) and various tools, and instead, focusing on solving problems, providing solutions, and effectively communicating with people.

21:00 Daily Routine: Morning writing and client work, followed by leisure activities in the afternoon such as golf, workouts, or mini adventures. I can easily access nature within an hour.

25:54 Including specific details when reaching out to someone generates better questions and improves the interaction. It’s a great tip for effective communication.

Emanuel’s Childrens Books

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You can follow up with Emanuel at: emanuelrose.com

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