June 11, 2024

B Corp Certification and Beyond: The Inspiring Journey of Jetty with Cory Higgins [EP 447]

Show Notes

Rick Saez
B Corp Certification and Beyond: The Inspiring Journey of Jetty with Cory Higgins [EP 447]

Hey everyone, welcome to episode 447 of the Outdoor Biz Podcast. I’m talking with Cory Higgins, the Jetty Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer this week.

One of his early memories of Jetty is Putting $200 in a trucker hat at Jerm’s apartment by the Port Hole to pay his portion of starting the company and making their first three tees.

They’ve come a long way since then!

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Show Notes

Outdoor Adventures: So, yeah, I mean, there’s so many memories of outdoor adventures.”— Cory Higgins 00:03:4100:03:45

Entrepreneurship Journey: “And after college, we were sitting around. We were working on 9 to five. And on the weekends, we’d gather at the one guy’s apartment and crack some beers and talk about starting a business and working for ourselves someday.”— Cory Higgins 00:04:2000:04:57

Starting a Business in the Surf Industry: “And then we just kinda, like, sat on it for a minute, and I did some I did some of that backpacking in Australia.”— Cory Higgins 00:04:5700:05:26

Following Your Passion: “Can I take a sabbatical from school and come run your screen printing department?”— Cory Higgins 00:06:2300:06:28

Marketing Strategy: “Our CEO and me would both be working behind the bar talking about in the summertime, we have a big influx of, tourists, and we’ll just be talking about the company and selling t shirts and hats and promoting it. And then all those tourists would then go back to their hometowns in the winter with a new t shirt or hat, and then they would talk it up for us to their hometowns. Mhmm. It just kinda kept growing like that.”— Cory Higgins 00:09:2100:09:45

B-Corp Impact: “And, he was like, you should look into becoming a B-Corp.”— Cory Higgins 00:11:3100:11:33

Sustainable Fashion Trends: “Just trying to use more natural fibers and trying to get everything out of China that we can and diversify a whole lot more.”— Cory Higgins 00:17:2700:17:36

Customer Feedback and Retailers: “Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, constantly taking feedback. I think the most feedback we take is from our retailers.”— Cory Higgins 00:19:2400:19:30

Product Line Growth and Feedback“: “Just you take it all with a grain of salt because one opinion doesn’t mean anything.”— Cory Higgins 00:20:1700:20:21

Life’s Journey: “You’re on the path you’re supposed to be on.”— Cory Higgins 00:27:4400:27:46

Favorite Gear Under $100: NiteIze Biner Clips

Favorite Books: Start With Why by Simon Sinek, The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

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You can follow up with Cory on Linkedin, Instagram: cory_higgins and by email: cory_higgins@jettylife.com

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