April 18, 2024

Adventure Photography and Travel Writing with HI Travel Tales Michael Hodgson and Therese Iknoian [EP 348]

Show Notes

Rick Saez
Adventure Photography and Travel Writing with HI Travel Tales Michael Hodgson and Therese Iknoian [EP 348]

In this episode of The Outdoor Biz Podcast, we dive into the world of adventure travel with Michael Hodgson and Therese Iknoian from HI Travel Tales. Therese and Michael share their many adventures with us and how HI Travel Tales came to life!

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Show Notes

00:00 Podcast series explores thrilling adventure travel journeys and shares captivating stories from guides, outfitters, and destinations. It ignites wanderlust and inspires outdoor adventures.

07:45 Studying in Germany had a profound impact, broadening the individual’s perspective on life and travel, as the experience of living in a different culture opened their eyes to the big world and the multitude of wonderful experiences it offers. This influenced their understanding of how cultures and people interact to shape the reality we experience, ultimately leading to a much broader perspective on life and travel.

10:38 Therese’s Italy visit, amazed by David statue’s impact on her perception of art.

19:06 Michael discusses the transition from writing creatively to incorporating journalism and SEO keywords. They express a realization that personal experiences and deeper connections resonate most with readers. They emphasize the importance of telling stories in a unique, non-traditional way to create reader engagement.

25:17 Michael discusses his interest in AI for research, mentioning their upcoming panel at a travel writers’ conference and their use of AI for story ideas. They express both fascination and unease with AI’s capabilities, sharing an anecdote about using it to generate a specific request.

26:38 A program can generate requested photos, but the accuracy may not always be guaranteed, as real-life details may be overlooked.

33:12 Success in content creation can be achieved by focusing on a niche audience rather than trying to appeal to everyone. It references the concept of “1,000 True Fans” by Kevin Kelly, who argues that having 1,000 dedicated supporters who consistently pay for your content can lead to a sustainable income. The text suggests that creators don’t need to have a broad following to thrive in today’s world.

39:59 People value authenticity, but the shallowness of social media leads to a focus on superficial qualities like aesthetics and follower count. The obsession with Instagram-friendly content and the game of gaining and losing followers eclipses genuine engagement.

46:59 To succeed in the outdoor and travel media industry, one must be prepared to take on a variety of tasks, from writing and photography to working for destinations. It’s a multifaceted world that requires perseverance, while staying true to oneself is also crucial.

50:03 Giving away content for free diminishes its value and affects the ability to sustain a livelihood in travel writing. This parallels the decline of newspapers when they offered online content for free, leading to current expectations of free access. Diluting quality for free offerings may hinder future opportunities in the travel writing business.

54:06 Experienced influencers emphasize unique, detailed content creation and collaboration, prioritizing involvement and avoiding generic itineraries. Their approach stands out in the travel industry.

01:00:07 In group settings, time is limited for in-depth questions. It’s better to keep your best questions to yourself and ask them later to avoid sharing valuable information with everyone else.

01:05:31 Michael always brings his inflatable camp pillow on trips for comfort and support because he finds pillows at accommodations uncomfortable.

01:14:26 The text emphasizes the importance of correctly spelling “high travel tails” for easy Google search results. It also mentions the authors’ individual Instagram accounts and encourages subscribers and followers.

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