September 17, 2019

178: Shelby Stanger- We talk Journalism, Podcasting, Adventures and more . . .

Show Notes

Rick Saez
178: Shelby Stanger- We talk Journalism, Podcasting, Adventures and more . . .
Shelby Stanger tells us how she got into journalism, her outdoor biz experience with brands like Vans and plenty more.
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Show Notes

First Exposure to the Outdoors

I grew up in San Diego and I grew up surfing. So my first experience with the outdoors was really through the water. And every summer my mom sent me to this amazing summer camp called Mission Bay Aquatic Center. My father had passed away suddenly when I was 11 and so after that my mom was, you know, a single mom. She taught at San Diego state and this camp was discounted if you were an employee of San Diego state. It’s an incredible camp. In the morning you sail, you Waterski Kayak or you surf and then in the afternoon you do all those activities. So I was really lucky. I grew up around the water. I think in the water it was a place where I figured out a lot of answers I could never figure out on land.

Things we talked about

Shelby Stanger

Wild Ideas Worth Living

Mission Bay Aquatic Center

La Jolla Village News

Surf Diva

Vans Warped Tour

Outside Magazine

Outdoor Outreach

Box Union

Creative Mornings


I just gave a talk at this place called creative mornings about how to turn your wonder, your idea, your wild idea into action. I think the biggest thing is if you want to have a career in the outdoor business, you’ve got to go work for someone or intern somewhere. It’s like, just start and that’s what all adventurers say. Like sailors, there are sailors who untie the dock lines and there are sailors who just stay on the dock and fixing their boat and we want to be the guy who just unties dock lines and goes. You got to get out there. Yeah. Just start.

Other Outdoor Activities

Hike, Run, Surf, Yoga

Favorite Books/Podcasts

Tim Ferriss Show

All the Wiser Podcast

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Deep by James Nester

Favorite Piece of Gear under $100

Foam Surfboard

Connect with Shelby

Shelby Stanger