August 20, 2019

174: Julie and Henry Mosier are making fresh, healthy food for your next backcountry adventure

Show Notes

Rick Saez
174: Julie and Henry Mosier are making fresh, healthy food for your next backcountry adventure

I recently spoke with Julie and Henry Mosier from Food for the Sole. They tell us about their journey starting, operating and making fresh, healthy backpacking food.

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Show Notes

First Exposure to the Outdoors

Julie– I actually grew up camping and backpacking with my parents. I grew up in southwestern Washington and the Gifford Pinchot National Forest was basically our backyard. I didn’t actually enjoy backpacking but I remember camping as early as six or seven. I think my dad did a lot of Solo backpacking. I have fond memories of camping and fishing and so forth.

Henry– I grew up in Bend, which is now pretty widely known as a major outdoor Mecca. We have the benefit of all kinds of biking, climbing, fishing, kayaking, literally like every kind of outdoor activity within five to 20 minutes. I didn’t do any of it until about the age of 19. I played a lot of video games and spent very, very little time outside. Upon returning to Bend from a trip to Australia I had a friend I had previously worked with who introduced me to rock climbing and it was kind of just game over from there. Everything changed, a couple of years later I learned how to ski and how to mountain bike the next year. I don’t know, it just changed my mind, political circles and everything,

Things we talked about

Food for the Sole

John Muir Trail

Pacific Crest Trail

Cold Soaking

Simon Sinek Ted Talk

Start with Why Why by Simon Sinek

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Julie– Keep you day job, I mean hold on to your revenue stream as long as you can. At one point I had the intention of opening this very small cottage business side business and growing very slowly and that’s just not what happened. I would say that being able to do that and grow slowly and get your feet underneath you before you have to rely on that business to feed you would be really helpful. Regarding the outdoor industry, at least my experience, credibility is huge in this industry. If you’re not a part of the outdoor community, and if you’re learning as you go about what you’re selling or producing or what have you, that’s a challenge. You really need that credibility.

Henry- know your why, it’s gonna drive everything you do. And it’s something that I wouldn’t say we started with, but we’ve really grown into it. We know what our why is, it’s all been processed now. Once we started getting those messages from people who are like, “you are helping me with my diet restrictions”, it’s like finding something powerful and meaningful. It really defines it, wow. This is why I’m doing this.

Favorite Books/Podcasts

HenryHow I Built This, Invisibilia, Freakonomics

Julie– I read a lot of History and Science Fiction

Favorite Piece of Gear under $100

JuliePurple Rain Adventure Skirts

HenryMini Swiss Army Knife

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