May 28, 2019

163: Paul Fish-We talk about how he grew Mountain Gear into an iconic Mountain Shop

Show Notes

Rick Saez
163: Paul Fish-We talk about how he grew Mountain Gear into an iconic Mountain Shop

Paul Fish of Mountain Gear tells us some great stories about the early days of the Outdoor Biz when people would send you a few packs and let you pay when you sold them, times have changed eh?

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Show Notes

First Exposure to the Outdoors

As a young kid, my family did a little bit of hiking and fishing staying at the resorts in the Sierras, but I don’t really consider that my start. My start was the high school I went to in Danville, California. We had an outdoor program that required a three week outward bound like experience and a lot of activities leading up to it. I started rock climbing there on Mount Diablo and that’s really where I fell in love with climbing and the outdoors.

Things we talked about

Mountain Gear

Sunrise Mountaineering

Dealing Down

Target Surplus

Class Five

Blue Puma

Snow Lion



Red Rock Rendezvous

Access Fund

Veterans Community Response

Other Outdoor Activities

Mountain Biking, Road Biking, Sea Kayaking, Skiing, Climbing,

Pack Rafting, Scuba Diving

Advice, tips

I tell folks to be careful how they follow their passion. There’s two ways to get into the outdoors. You can get a job in a field that you’re passionate about, and you might be surprised if the consequences. In terms of the time you spend outside. Or you can get the job that, not that you hate, but the job do you enjoy that allows you to do the things you’re passionate about. Like the out doors. Teachers for example get a decent amount of time off and can spend it outdoors. So be careful what you choose.

Favorite Books

Small Time Operator by Kamoroff C.P.A. Bernard B.

Growing your business by Paul Hawken

Favorite Piece of Gear under $100


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