April 30, 2019

159: Greg Thomsen-Blending Business, Adventure and the Outdoors

Show Notes

Rick Saez
159: Greg Thomsen-Blending Business, Adventure and the Outdoors

Super fun conversation with Greg Thomsen of Agron, we talk about his outdoor experience, winding down the Adidas Outdoor US business, and more.

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Show Notes

First Exposure to the Outdoors

My father was a bit of an outdoorsman who really liked the high sierra towns. So my brother and I spent most of our summers growing up just doing that. We would generally spend weeks at a time up in Mammoth camping and hiking and fishing around the mammoth lakes area. And then I think when I was 13, I did my first free solo climb of a little Crag called Crystal Craig, which is above mammoth lakes. With my brother. It was not very difficult, probably low fifth class or even fourth class, but it was really exposed and I got kind of excited about it over the next few years. By the time I was 15 I was doing multi pitch climbs in Yosemite and really interested in the outdoor world and also an outdoor equipment.

Things we talked about

Agron (Adidas US)

The Mountain Store in Tarzana (A16)

Wilderness Experience


The North Face


Girl Disrupted by Claire Thomsen

Doug Tompkins

Bill Simon

Yvonn Chouinard

American Alpine Club

John Long

Dream Meditation

Advice, tips

My best advice is that if you’re going to do anything in business, like if you want to be in a brand or you want to be in supply chain or almost any aspect of a regular business, check out the outdoor business. Because I think it would be better to be an account in an outdoor company that it would be being an accountant in a machine shop.

And if you like the product and if you like the outdoors, I really don’t think there’s any place better. I don’t think there’s a better community of people. It’s still competitive, but a really great group of people. So I would say jump in at whatever level you can jump in. Just like starting a long trek, you’ve got to take the first step and then just keep moving forward and enjoy it and try your best to be the best of what you do and enjoy doing it because that joy is what propels you forward.

Favorite Books

The Climbers by Jim Harrington

A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson

Favorite Piece of Gear under $100


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