April 10, 2019

157: JD Platt- Owner, Trainer, Pro Snowboarder and so much more

Show Notes

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157: JD Platt- Owner, Trainer, Pro Snowboarder and so much more

Entertaining conversation with JD Platt, the man is prolific. We talk about his Pro Snowboard career, his numerous ventures including the K9 Kings Flying Dog Show, JD SUP, AppWEAR, Adriatic Adventure Academy, and more. Inspiration and nuggets are here for everyone.

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Show Notes

First Exposure to the Outdoors

Well, I definitely have a lot from my parents growing up. I started skiing when I was three years old. I grew up in a military family, third-generation military brat. I was born in Camp Lejeune North Carolina on a military base and we got shipped out to Hawaii and Boise. Dad was a captain in the Marine Corps. Eventually, we got over to Yakima. But when we lived over in Boise, my parents were very active and athletic growing up and mom was really involved with horses and sports and dad was the super jock of just anything and everything.

Things we talked about

K9 Kings Flying Dog Show
Owner / Founder / Trainer
Insta: @jdsk9kings
FB: @k9kings
Owner / Founder
Insta: @jdsup
FB: @jdpaddleboards
Chief of Comfort
Insta: @appwearinc
FB: @appwear
Adriatic Adventure Academy
Investor / Guide of Fun
Insta: @adriatic.academy
FB: @adriaticadventureacademy
D•Curve Optics
Team MultiTasker / Social Media
IG: @d_curve
FB: @dcurve
Professional Old School Snowboarder
Insta: @jdplattssnowlife

Mount Bachelor Ski Education Foundation

Advice, tips

You betcha. You know, a big thing for me is your dreams can come true. It takes a lot of hard work and passion. I guess I’m a living example of pursuing some careers that just, a lot of people just don’t do, I mean K9 entertainment, there’s like 10 of us in the world.

I went for the dream of becoming a professional athlete and pursuing a sport that now is obviously huge, but you know, if you think you’ve got the talent, be realistic towards what you’re pursuing and know of what you’re up against. But if you have a creative mind and you want to pursue something, go for it Man. I love being an entrepreneur, it’s made for some and not others. But I guess my biggest advice is just to have patience, put in the hard work, and pursue your dreams. You can achieve anything.

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