March 12, 2019

152: Sablle Scheppmann- Talk to your neighbor on the airplane

Show Notes

Rick Saez
152: Sablle Scheppmann- Talk to your neighbor on the airplane

Great Conversation with Sablle Scheppmann from Mountain Hardwear. Sablle tells us about how she got into the outdoors camping as a kid, her Collegiate Running career, and offers a great piece of advice for all of that spend a lot of time on airplanes.

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Show Notes

First Exposure to the Outdoors

I am born and raised in San Diego and growing up we didn’t have a lot of money. We moved from apartment to apartment, so vacations were a little out of the question. I was fortunate enough to learn about the outdoors for my dad and my grandparents. My Dad was an eagle scout and my grandma was always really involved with Eagle Scouts. And we would always take camping trips cause it was the easiest vacation we could take. We’d always go up, actually through Bishop, and over the years we’ve camped at Green Lake and up towards Mammoth. And being from San Diego, my grandparents also took us out to Idlewild and Joshua tree. So a lot of camping.

Things we talked about

Mountain Hardwear

Skip Yowell Future Leadership Academy

Transrockies Run

Kyle Robidoux Blind Beer Runner

Kyle Robidoux: @blindbeerrunner & here is an article on his run this summer

They are always in need of guides! Anyone can reach out to Sablle or go to

Sighted Guide

Outdoor Activities

Running, Backpacking, Snowboarding, Camping

Advice, tips

I feel like I kinda got to where I am in the position I am today because of leaning on people. I’m a total people person. Just never be afraid to put yourself out there. If anybody’s interested in getting into the business and you know, reach out to. Never hesitate to look companies up on LinkedIn. Find people at that company and just reach out and ask them to go to coffee or ask questions like, how did you get to where you are? How did you get in that role? I find that when you put yourself out there, you can get a lot of benefits from that. And it’s scary, but it’s, it, it’s, it’s really important.

Favorite Books

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown

Podcast- How I built this

Favorite Piece of Gear under $100

Sea to Summit collapsible cups and plates

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