January 28, 2019

146: Ammi Borenstein: Ammi and I talk about K2, Outdoor Research, the OIA and his work on the Higg Index Brand & Retail Module

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Rick Saez
146: Ammi Borenstein: Ammi and I talk about K2, Outdoor Research, the OIA and his work on the Higg Index Brand & Retail Module

Ammi tells us about his experience working with K2 and Outdoor Research and his work to help brands navigate the Higg Index Brand & Retail Module.

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Show Notes

First Exposure to the Outdoors

I grew up in New England in a family that really wasn’t much of an outdoor family, but the little bit of exposure I had to the outdoors told me that I just absolutely loved it. So right after college, I bought a one-way ticket to Seattle and I have yet to buy the other half back.

Yeah, I moved out here and quickly evolved to spending as much time as I could up in the mountains. I did a bunch of hiking, backpacking, mountaineering rock climbing, and a fair amount of paddling. And back then a weekday ticket at a place like crystal mountain was about $12 and instead of the hundred dollars said it is now. There was a huge amount of opportunity to get out and have some fun. And my version of slopeside accommodations was camping out in the crystal mountain parking lot.

Things we talked about

K2 Sports

Outdoor Research

Dana Design



Seattle Central College

School of Apparel Design and Development

Higg Index

Linkedin article

Outdoor Industry Association

REI Product Sustainability Standards

SNEWS article


Advice, tips

We all started somewhere. So based on my experience, my number one piece of advice for people looking to get in the outdoor industry is focus. Because you hear a lot of people say, oh I love the outdoor industry, I want to be a part of the outdoor industry. How do I get into the outdoor industry? But when you really break it down, there are a lot of vastly different roles. I mean, you and I have had different roles over the years, yours has been more sales-oriented and mine has been focused on the product. There’s marketing, there’s finance, there’s logistics, sourcing, distribution, retail. And so I tell people, focus on the part of the industry you like and are experienced in. Like if it’s a product great, that opens up one whole set of traIning and direction and opportunities that you can take. If it’s marketing, well that’s really a whole different path that might be at the same company, but it’s a different skill set. So I really tell people, it’s a great industry. It’s super exciting. It’s tons of fun, focus, focus, focus, focus, and that just gives you many, many more opportunities across many, many more companies.

Other Outdoor Activities



Favorite Books

The Good Rain by Timothy Egan

Best Gear Purchase under $100

durable fleece gloves


Clif bar

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