January 14, 2019

144: Ted Eynon- Christmas Trees, Apple Orchards and Boutique Skis

Show Notes

Rick Saez
144: Ted Eynon- Christmas Trees, Apple Orchards and Boutique Skis
Fun conversation with Ted Eynon from Meier Skis. We talk about his youth working on the family Christmas Tree Farm and Apple Orchards and how he came to own Meier Skis. He drops a great book on us too!
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Show Notes

First Exposure to the Outdoors

That really started early. I just grew up in a family that was a skiing family. I grew up outside of Boston and New England and my folks had a place up in Franconia, New Hampshire up in northern New Hampshire. Where Cannon Mountain was at the time and a small mountain next to Cannon called Midtarsal. Dad was a ski instructor and we were one of those skiing families that were up every weekend, every holiday, and a good many snow days where I played hooky from school. We were a backpacking family in the summer, so we’d go up in the White Mountains typically four or five days. We climbed most of the fourteeners in New Hampshire. So I’d say I just kinda grew up into it. And those activities became lifelong activities.

My first outdoor job was probably working on my family’s Christmas tree plantation which was a hobby of my Dad’s. He had apple orchards and a Christmas tree plantation. So he had me out there working during my formative years.

Things we talked about

Meier Skis

Matt Cudmore

University of New Hampshire

Colorado State Forest Service

Beetle Kill Pine

Paul Wilson

Wish of a Lifetime

Swim Across America

American Alpine Club

Advice, tips

There is a tremendous amount of opportunity, right? And especially here in Colorado, I mean Colorado has certainly become the epicenter for active outdoor lifestyle businesses. I mean there are larger organizations that are now moving here to Denver. And of course with OR moving out of Salt Lake here to Denver, I mean OR and the convention center is a mile and a half, from Meier Skis. So we’ve got great proximity to the show and we do tours during the day and so forth. So there’s a lot of opportunity.

I wouldn’t say there’s a lot of high pay opportunities right out of the gate. That’s always a challenge. I mean, we have people constantly wanting to come work in Meijer and if they’re already used to making 80, 100, 150 grand, that’s going to be a tough step for them.

So are you willing to sacrifice some income for the lifestyle you want from a work standpoint, I guess is one thing. And for others, I think sometimes they’re too specific on what role they want in a company. I think a lot of times they should just say yes. If that’s the industry they want to be in and they find a company, just say yes. Then get to know the industry, get to know the company, and work your way into the role that ultimately suits you.

Other Outdoor Activities

Ride Motorcycles

walk the dog

Favorite Books

Flight of the Buffalo by James A. Belasco and Ralph C. Stayer

Best Gear Purchase under $100

Map and Compass


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