December 4, 2018

142: Mary Iannotti- Mary tells us about how her inspiration to save Bears Ears led to a successful project with Colorado Sierra Club

Show Notes

Rick Saez
142: Mary Iannotti- Mary tells us about how her inspiration to save Bears Ears led to a successful project with Colorado Sierra Club

I caught up with Mary Iannotti from digital marketing deva the other day. She drops some terrific learnings on us from her project that was geared towards saving public lands. There is something in here for everyone. Be sure to check the show notes for links to some of her great resources.

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Show Notes

First Exposure to the Outdoors

I’ve been a recreation junkie all my life. I started out by playing in the woods in the hood. I’d go out and we’d ride our bikes in the woods, hike around and we’d go and explore the forts that my brother and his friends put up and climb the trees and do all that kind of fun stuff. And then I got into team sports. I played field hockey and I played ultimate Frisbee for a really long time and when I was in college I took my first backpacking trip. I hung out with friends that really love to hike and they turned me on to this place called Letchworth State Park in New York.

We’d escaped to Letchworth on the weekends and explore. It’s a beautiful park. It’s got waterfalls and a really cool gorge like a mini grand canyon. I think it was like those days that I hung out in Letchworth that really solidified the fact that I wanted to be in the outdoors as much as possible. I sort of got this wanderlust where, you know, I thought about it back in college, like I really want to bust out, go to the West because the outdoors there is incredible and it’s just so beautiful and that really changed kind of my life.

Things we talked about

Letchworth State Park

Sierra Club Colorado

Bears Ears

Insight Timer

Kristin Carpenter Ogden- Channel Mastery Podcast

Copywriter Club podcast Rob Marsh and Kira Hug

Advice, tips

I would say create relationships with people, go to events, reach out, get to know people. A big thing is just being really helpful and sharing what you know and don’t be afraid to share what you know. I’ve had a few one-on-one convos with people where I just reach out. I reached out to a nonprofit not too long ago and I said, hey, let’s just sit down and I’m going to share with you what worked with the Sierra Club Colorado and turn you onto some really cool practices. When I was doing my niche research, I sat down with a few climbing gyms and that was really good. I mean we had some conversations and I just shared what I knew and things come back to you. It may take a little while, but people remember you and it comes back.

Other Outdoor Activities

Rock Climbing




Favorite Books

Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins
Don’t Make Me Think By Steve Krug
You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

Best Gear Purchase under $100

Point five purple, Black Diamond Camelot

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