October 16, 2018

138: Kristan Clarke Burba- How an outdoor kid starts a Boutique Event Management Firm

Show Notes

Rick Saez
138: Kristan Clarke Burba- How an outdoor kid starts a Boutique Event Management Firm

Kristan tells us how a Backpacking Adventure in 4th grade set her path for a life and career in the outdoors. She drops a great Book and Facebook resource on us too.

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Show Notes

First Exposure to the Outdoors

I grew up on Cape Cod in Massachusetts and there’s not much going on there except to be outside really. So as a kid we spent a lot of time in the woods, in the backyard, and at the beach a lot. My first kind of big outdoor adventure was when I was in the fourth grade my uncle who was really into the outdoors took my best friend and me on a backpacking and camping trip in the white mountains of New Hampshire.

I probably shouldn’t say this, but at the top of our first mountain peak he pulled out a beer for each of us. So it was my first summit and my first beer.

Things we talked about

Rendezvous Event Management

Overland Summers


Outdoor Outreach

Send It Foundation


Advice, tips

If you’re just looking to get into the outdoor business and it’s kind of Cliche, but just follow your heart. I followed my heart to college in Vermont because I want it to be in the outdoors. Then I ended up in Jackson despite the fact that everybody I knew after college was going to law school or med school or Wall Street. Then I really just made it a point once I was in Jackson to not be a ski bum or climbing bomb or whatever. I wanted to do all of those activities, but I also wanted to pick jobs that might lead me to a future career that look good on my resume. I will never forget, I accepted the position of a reporter at the Jackson Hole News maybe a year out of college. I knew that would look good on my resume and I was learning a good skill. Then when I went to interview at Stanwood and partners, probably the biggest, strongest thing I had on my resume was the fact that I was a former reporter.

I guess if you’re already in the industry or even if you’re looking to get into it, a shorter and simpler answer is I love that group Ali Carr Troxell started called Basecamp on Facebook.  It’s such a good networking tool. People post job positions, people ask questions, it’s really great. I check in on it every day and I’m not even looking for a job.

Other Outdoor Activities



Trail Running


Favorite Books

Skeletons in the Sahara by Dean King

Best Gear Purchase under $100

Hydro Flask

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