September 6, 2018

132: Justin Seale-designing products that are sustainable and functional

Show Notes

Rick Saez
132: Justin Seale-designing products that are sustainable and functional
Justin has been leading product teams for brands like Chrome and is now building products for his own brand ArchiTecsf. We talk about sustainability, his experience, how he stumbled into design, and much more.
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Show Notes

First Exposure to the Outdoors

I’m originally from Western New Jersey, the rural portion of New Jersey. I grew up on 10 acres and growing up I just had the range go outside and explore on my own and whatnot. Build forts and damn creeks and do all the things kids love to do and had just a generally outdoor adventurous family from my grandfather to my father and was fortunate to spend a lot of my childhood outdoors. In my early teens, I moved to Vail, Colorado with my family and was ski racing there and just kind of generally exploring the high country of Colorado. In Colorado, you can just sort of trip and fall into the outdoors. My life was fortunate to be surrounded by all kinds of nature.

Things we talked about


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Chrome Industries

Mission Workshop

Advice, tips

I mean, again, it’s like for me the outdoor industry was never an intentional career. I entered it through a series of events whether it be coincidence or fate. I enjoyed the process enough where, I stuck with it. And this is certainly an industry that can be tremendously rewarding and it can also be very difficult. Kind of finding your niche within it and also kind of justifying the financial arm because as you know, It’s certainly not as financially lucrative as working in software in the bay area. So it’s really, I mean, I just think you have to be passionate about it and believe that if you’re somebody who wants to do it, then go out and find your spot.

Other Outdoor Activities

Mtn Biking

Trail Running



Favorite Books/Apps

Adventure Journal

On Trails by Robert Moor

Best Gear Purchase under $100

anything you can find in Merino Wool

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