September 4, 2018

131: Jen Taylor- Talks about her outdoor life and career of Going Big!

Show Notes

Rick Saez
131: Jen Taylor- Talks about her outdoor life and career of Going Big!
Jen Taylor brings so much energy and enthusiasm to the table, love it, and thank you! We talk about her outdoor life, career, the great path to success she and the Mtn Khaki’s team have achieved, and many more.
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Show Notes

First Exposure to the Outdoors

I grew up in Indiana, so I’m a  Corn Fed Indiana Hoosier. I was just a free-range kid. We were cut loose until the dinner bell rang. We had woods and creeks and we just roamed as kids.

I don’t even remember actually the first time I went camping. It might’ve been when I was in college. We just were outside all the time. There wasn’t anything formal or structured about it. It’s just the way we were.

Things we talked about

Mountain Khakis


Eddie Bauer

Denver Zoo

Mountain Sprouts

MOG Fest

Rick Taggart

Thea Chase

Camber Outdoors  (Outdoor Industry Women’s Coalition)

Advice, tips

You’re going to have a lot of long nights. But don’t listen to the critics because everybody’s got a story and everybody’s got a reason not to do something. There is a lot of valuable insight and information to glean from people. But the first person that tells you you’re an idiot or you’re high, whatever they tell you, look him in the face and say, you bet I am and I’m on the right path. Then watch me run. Because there’s something about that fuel that can really throw gas to the flame and it works.

You’ve also got a couple of paths to go down. You’ve got choices when you start a business and as you think about how you’re going to finance that business and finance your growth, you know, there’s the startup phase, there’s the teenager growth phase, high growth and, and then there’s the long-range sustainability plan. How do you set up your plan? Do you take on investors, do you maintain majority ownership? How are you going to honor your mission? Consider how you set it up so that fundamentally your mission is their fight and is honored.

I always believed that you run a business like a nonprofit and run a nonprofit like a business. And I had to learn the hard way. I’ve got kind of a bleeding heart in a way and I had to learn that. I’d give everything away if I could and then there’s no mission to be accomplished or work to be done if your company’s not running in the black and you’re not solvent. Because without that platform there is no work to be done. So you gotta focus on the fundamentals first and keep your head in the game.

Other Outdoor Activities

Everything! Go BIG!

Favorite Books/Apps

Hummingbirds Daughter by Luis Alberto Urrea

Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner

Best Gear Purchase under $100

Chaco Flips

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