August 9, 2018

124: Dan Austin from Austin Adventures tells us how he got started in Adventure Travel

Show Notes

Rick Saez
124: Dan Austin from Austin Adventures tells us how he got started in Adventure Travel

Dan tells us how he got into Adventure Travel and some of the key requirements to building a successful top of the line Adventure Biz

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Show Notes

First Exposure to the Outdoors

 I mean ironically, I literally grew up in the city. I grew up in San Jose, California. Within a week or two of graduating high school, me and a buddy knew we had to get out of San Jose. We spent every waking hour, weekends after school getting out as far as we could get with a tank of gas. So we knew we were just kind of misplaced there. We headed for Alaska actually and when we made it as far as Oregon and set up shop there for a few years, work construction, and really just started fine-tuning our outdoor skills and love of the outdoors. I ended up probably not too long after that, starting a small rafting company in the northwest. That was my first foray into adventure travel and that was in the mid-seventies.

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 Austin Adventures

Back Country Tours

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Wheels of Change

Advice, tips

 I see a lot of small companies that get into it for the lifestyle and that’s okay, but you should make that decision early on. Is this a lifestyle or is it a business? Who do I want to run it, do I want to, you know, do I want to travel the world and I want some way to pay for traveling the world? Or do I literally want to make a career and a business out of this and because it’ll be a slightly different path for me. Either and both are good, but I’m not saying you have to choose one or the other for anyone reason other than just make sure that you make a conscious decision that to go in that direction, that’s really going to fulfill what you’re looking for.

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Favorite Books/Apps

 Napoleon Hill- Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude; Think and Grow Rich

Tony Robbins- Awaken the Giant Within

John and Bert Jacobs- Life is Good

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