June 28, 2018

115: Outdoor and Adventure Photographer Adam Barker

Show Notes

Rick Saez
115: Outdoor and Adventure Photographer Adam Barker

You’ve seen Adams work in various brand ads and catalogs including YETI, Mtn Khakis, and more.

Adam tells us how he became a photographer and what it’s like to “get the shot” no matter the conditions.

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Show Notes

First Exposure to the Outdoors

No, one of the first outdoor experiences I can recall would have been ski Mountain Dell Golf Course with my, with my dad in Parleys Canyon. There’s no chair lift it. It literally is the golf course. So you know, you’re strapping on your skis and I remember him pushing me, pushing me down. It was a total disaster, but it stuck with me and I loved it. And to this day, you know, if you knew me in high school or college or whatever, my entire life was structured around skiing and I think that had a large part of, of getting into outdoor photography was figuring out how I could call scheme my job. Right. So yeah, that was kind of my first one of my first outdoor experiences for sure.

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Cataract Canyon

Middle Fork of the Salmon


Mountain Khakis


Follow the liters

Advice, tips

I’ve got maybe three bits of advice. The first one, which I think is kind of forgotten in this day and age is simply to do the work. You know, like you gotta put your head down and grind.

There’s this expectation of being able to just jump in and see massive success and it’s the, it’s an endeavor that requires time, you know, 10,000 hours to master a craft. And so that would be the first thing is do the work. And don’t forget that there’s just no way around it. There’s no shortcut, right? You gotta get up early, you got to stay away, you got to send the email and you got to do the Promo, you need to brand yourself, you need to have a good website and you stay updated.

The second would be to remember the value of relationships because ultimately no matter how skilled you are or their reputation that proceeds you, in my opinion, this business, like many businesses out there is based on relationships. People that hire us, right? It’s people that sign our checks. It’s people that rehire us or choose not to and you know, so it’s so vital and so key to establish and maintain relationships.

And then lastly, I would say to stay the course because it’s a roller coaster of ups and downs and if you really want it, you know, you got to be in it for the long term and six months is not enough. One year is not enough. Three years, you’re just at the very career. Yeah. And so you know, if you really want a, I mean even with me being a decade into this, obviously it’s still very much a rollercoaster. The work can really be consistent and then not, you know, and somebody said the other day on social posts that I gave, you need to adapt or die because the industry is consistently evolving state of course, and if you’re passionate about it, driven. If you’re skilled if you get to work and remember those relationships and you’re bound to succeed for sure.

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