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Respect Outside: The Importance Of Sexual Harassment Prevention In The Outdoor Industry With Gina McClard, J.D. and Jim Miller [EP 296]

Gender-based violence is, unfortunately, a common issue in any business, and the outdoor industry is no exception. That is why sexual harassment prevention training should become part and parcel of each organization. That’s what Gina McClard, J.D. and Jim Miller are doing. Gina and Jim founded the Respect Outside in 2019 to help provide solutions and

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Trade Shows, Plenty Of Good Things Happening And Opportunities To Improve With Matt Dobrowolski, Patrick O’Neil, Jill Jacobson And Michael Stevens [EP 293]

  We talk about trade shows, what’s working, how they facilitate buying and selling, and what we can improve with Matt Dobrowolski from Envoy B2B, Rumpl‘s Patrick O’Neil, buyer Jill Jacobson from Bill and Paul’s Sporthaus, and Michael Stevens from sales agency True North. Facebook  Twitter Instagram The Outdoor Biz

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US Overland Adventure Destinations with Funki Adventures [EP 292]

Funki Adventures self-drive tours provide everything you need in one package. Rent a 4×4 Jeep Camper with a rooftop tent or an off-road-capable Camper Van for an adventure with all camping equipment provided. Owner Frank Cassidy and I talk about how Frank got into the Outdoor Adventure Biz, the early days

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