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Rick Saez
Rick Saez
Upholding The Grit And Ruggedness Of The Old West With Seager Clothing Founders Elliott Shaw, Case Anderson, And Mattson Smith. [EP 304]

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Winner of two 2021 Outdoor Writers Association of America Excellence in Craft Awards, The Outdoor Biz Podcast features inspiring conversations with Outdoor/Adventure Brand Founders and Leaders from Outdoor, Bike, Ski, Adventure Travel, Conservation, Industry Recruiters, Executives and, many others. They talk about their careers, tell inspiring stories, and offer advice and direction on the path you can take to get your job in the industry and grow your Outdoor Career. Hosted by Author, Speaker, and, Adventurer Rick Saez and available wherever you get your podcasts.

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About Rick

Well-connected, authentic Outdoor Industry Guide, Evangelist, & Business Development Consultant committed to helping as many people as possible learn about, enjoy, and energize the Outdoor Adventure/Travel industry.

Rick has a personal deep connection with the outdoor industry that allows him to ask great questions. These interviews illustrate the passion that weaves together the fabric that makes up a connected community of folks who have made a career and life out of their love for getting outside. The stories and insights shared from this 887 + billion dollar industry shine a light on how the people that wouldn't choose to be anywhere else, influence our culture
Shannon Walton
Branding, Culture, PR and Marketing Expert

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