One of the best ways to reach people is through stories and your voice. Stories enable you to describe your message in vivid detail. Your voice also allows for a more intimate connection with your listener.

Maya Angelou said: “Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning”

Podcasting is an opportunity for your business to inspire, motivate, and yes sell more, using your voice!

“Rick has years of experience in podcasting and professional services under his belt that transfer directly to a great podcast formula. His insider skills helped us quickly develop a podcast and focus on the right tools and advancement.“


I’m hearing from a lot of Outdoor Businesses that there are Three things everyone is looking for and most aren’t getting:
1. More Customers
2. Increased Sales
3. Stronger engagement

Your Podcast Will Deliver

1. More followers and customers
My podcast has been fun right from the start and has also brought me opportunities I never anticipated. When I launched my podcast over three years ago I had about 1000 followers on the socials and my Photo website. My podcast has enabled me to more than 10X my followers. The show continues to grow and get more new followers every day as well as new opportunities to help individuals, brands, and media get into podcasting. Your podcast will likely do the same for you.
2. Stronger Engagement
Prior to launching my podcast, I was publishing photos, offering workshops, writing blog posts, and getting almost zero feedback. Nothing, Nada, Zilch. Crickets as they say. Then as my podcast grew so did the feedback and interaction with my audience and followers. I began getting questions about podcasting, interviewing, and audio production. Followers and listeners started engaging through episode and guest feedback. Requests for voice-overs, help with product design ideas, and even requests for custom branded podcast episodes started popping up in my email.
3. Increased Sales
Needless to say, these requests are resulting in more sales too. While I haven’t completely replaced my day job that will happen . . . soon. I’m no longer begging for sponsorships. Branded podcast episodes are proving to be a real winner. Many small and large brands don’t have time or resources to launch their own podcast. Rolling out a new initiative or product with custom episodes branded specifically for them is one way to get started with voice promotion opportunities.
The same can happen for you. I know you have something to say, and I know there are people that think like you, enjoy the same things as you, have the same hobbies as you. And like Kevin Kelly wrote in his 1000 True Fans piece . . . you only need 1000 diehard fans that will consume nearly anything and everything you produce. And they are out there just waiting to hear from you.

Product Origin

I discovered podcasting while commuting to my day job and haven’t looked back. I was traveling 45 minutes one way and had lots of windshield time to listen to podcasts. This was when podcasting was starting its growth phase.

Podcasters were beginning to hit their stride and even become famous. John Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn, and others were becoming household names. One of my favorites is the Tim Ferris Show, you might recall Tim from his book The Four Hour Work Week. He basically conducts interviews with his buddies and a wide variety of guests he’s met through his travels, research, investing, and such. He shares their stories, offers advice, and delivers interesting conversations.

As I was mindlessly staring through the windshield one day it hit me . . . hell, I can do this and share all the stories and tips from the interesting, active, smart people in the Outdoor and Adventure business. Thus The Outdoor Biz Podcast was born enabling me to 10X my reach, and help brands, individuals, and outdoor/adventure businesses launch successful podcasts of their own.


How I leveraged 20 years of Experience and Connections:

Over 25 years in the Outdoor and Adventure Business with iconic brands like JanSportUmpqua Feather MerchantsLowepro, and Eagle Creek in both Sales and Product roles have given me tremendous education, experience, and connection to an inspiring community of accomplished, active people. I was also fortunate to work with retailers in Specialty Retail and also Big Box merchants like Best Buy and The Container Store and Department stores like Macy’s and Dillard’s. While this experience was like a Ph.D. in Sales and Product Development, another huge benefit was the connections and relationships that grew from working closely together with this fabulous community. We shared meals, and many of us went on exciting adventures together to Alaska, Nepal, Antarctica, and more. 
How discovering podcasts changed everything:
It was podcasting that changed everything. I took my time and did a lot of research. Following Tim’s suggestions in one of his posts, I DID NOT invest in a bunch of new equipment. I used what I had, got my workflow dialed in, and made sure the content I was providing was high quality. Not only in sound and production value but also in my interviews. I studied great interviewers as much, maybe more, than I studied recording and editing. Consistent, high-quality, engaging conversations have been the key. People began to listen, ask to be on the show and as listenership grew I now had a platform to build on and everything changed.
“How does this apply to me publishing a podcast?”
You too have a voice. An opinion, ideas, and talents you can share with others. And believe it or not, they are out there waiting to hear from you. Especially if you already have an Outdoor Adventure business. Most of your customers think like you do. They participate in the same activities, care about similar political and social issues. As a business owner, you even have influence. Your customers and followers are looking for inspiration, motivation, even leadership. They give you their money, many of them more than once. They buy services and products and have been supporting your business for years some of them. Your podcast is another opportunity to share what you know, inspire with what you do, and even question what you think. Your voice, yes YOUYOUR VOICE, is your most important superpower.
Case study “my situation is different”:
You are absolutely correct, everyone’s situation is different. So was mine. Tim Ferris had a couple of bestsellers under his belt. His 4-Hour series of books were wildly successful. The Four Hour Work Week4 Hour Chef4 Hour Body are all self-help and personal growth classics. He sold a supplement business for a few sheckles and was doing quite well for himself by the time I stumbled on his podcast. My situation was much different. Probably not like yours and certainly different than Tim’s.
My experience in the outdoor, adventure travel and overlanding space has allowed me to build excellent relationships with the great leaders of these industries. On my podcast, The Outdoor Biz Podcast, these leaders from global organizations like UnCruise AdventuresEagle CreekColorado Teardrops, and others, offer professional advice on growing outdoor adventure careers as well as entertaining stories about exploring nature to 4000+ monthly followers. Publishing my podcast has also given me the opportunity to share great stories, stay abreast of the latest digital skills required to produce, publish and promote a podcast and remain current with technology, equipment, and market advancements within outdoor sports.

My extensive experience in guiding and leadership has taught me to effectively plan and manage itineraries, operations, budgets, guides, vendors, and outfitters for paddling, trekking and photography adventures in California, Utah, Alaska as well as sea kayaking in Baja Mexico. North America is only one of the seven great land masses in this world and I’ve been fortunate to get a taste for six of them. I have explored Antarctica, the Karnali River in Nepal, the Caucasus Mountains in the Republic of Georgia near the border of Russia, the Marsh Fork of the Canning River in the Arctic, the Tatshenshini River in Alaska and too many adventures in North America to list. These travel adventures have proved invaluable in guiding me to develop award-winning outdoor equipment that speaks to the needs of the individual explorer.

Back to the solution to those three pesky problems:
Your Outdoor Adventure business will benefit tremendously from a podcast. Whether you’ve been in business for 10 years or 10 minutes your customers and followers are anxious to hear from you. The keyword there is “hear”. You see, there are three reasons your voice is your most important superpower:
  1. Your sound, your tone, your pitch, your inflection, excitement, concern are each unique to you. Listeners can tell from listening when you are excited, serious, or simply stating the obvious. They only get that from hearing your voice, and listening is “always” available to them.
  2. Yes, you’re right they can also get those attributes from your videos. The catch here is they can’t “always” watch your videos. Can’t watch while they drive, or hike, or bike. I think you get my point, they can’t “always” watch. Listening is “always” available to them.
  3. Where you’re followers are and what your followers are doing is irrelevant to podcasting. They can download your show to their phone, put their earbuds in, and listen everywhere. Listening is an “always on” feature in humans.



In today’s world, effective communication is key, but challenging amongst the noise. Successful companies make strategic use of the myriad of tools across the range of media to showcase their company, products, ambassadors, and positioning on a range of contemporary and relevant issues. We are experts in the efficient and focused use of these tools and are here to help you, either to simply get started or to optimize communication for your brand.

“But if we can create a show with someone like entrepreneur and author Seth Godin about what it means to be successful and being the most productive person around, that’s going to appeal to exactly the kind of people that ZipRecruiter wants to reach.”
– Lex Friedman, CRO of Midroll

“Brands know that [branded podcasts] are an effective way to reach an audience that otherwise is hard to reach in an engaging way with a longer story that can only unfold over time.”
– Matt Lieber, Cofounder and President of Gimlet Media

Workshops and Courses

Podcasters Workshops and Courses will show you how to:

  1. Identify your podcast style and your ideal listener so you deliver the most value possible and make the biggest impact in the simplest way possible.
  2. The next piece is to actually create a concise show format and episode “Flow”. Making your podcast irresistible so your followers say YES, I WANT TO LISTEN TO THAT!!
  3. Next up is to create your podcast brand and choose your equipment as you develop your signature style and sound (so you deliver consistent value for your listeners and are walking your talk).
  4. Then In Module 4, you’ll learn simple recording techniques, so you can rest assured you’re delivering great sound and content to your ideal listeners.
  5. Finally, Module 5 includes prepping and organizing your files and publishing your show to the directories like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora, etc, and promoting your show so you turn a one-time listener into a repeat customer and letting the world know You’re Here!


What You Get

  • Clear, simple to understand training to produce and publish your podcast
  • How to build your format, what to put in your Intros and Outros, and Show Notes.
  • The necessary elements to make a clean, easily recognizable podcast brand and help your show be seen and get found.
  • The best microphone, accessories, recording tools, and editing software for your needs.
  • Steps to follow for recording and producing your show.
  • How to prep the content for publishing your show
  • The necessary recording, editing, and production workflow and templates to deliver consistency and quality to your listeners.

Done for You Services

Branded Podcast Content Creation

We offer a complete “done for you service”, which includes a full palette of podcast opportunities, from creating & launching Your Podcast to the design, production, publication, and promotion of branded podcast content.

We work with your team to produce and publish content around your sales, marketing and product initiatives.

We create and produce podcast content in format(s) of your choosing. Long or short-form interviews; presentations around new products or launch of new initiatives; content that tracks the progress of a project like a product launch; event reporting; educational format around product or activity.

Launch Your Podcast

We work with you and Create, Produce, and Publish your Podcast (first 4 episodes) and provide you with a process you can follow to consistently deliver a Podcast for your brand.

We Work with your team to create, produce, and publish the first 4 episodes of your brand podcast:

  • Identify your podcast style and determine your ideal listener.
  • Build your show format and episode Flow.
  • Create your podcast brand.
  • Choose your equipment and learn simple recording techniques.
  • Build Episodes, Organize and Prep your files, Upload to your website, your media host, and publish your show to the world.

Reach your followers 24/7 . . . whether they’re on a bike, hike, climb, paddle or taking a nap! Pretty sure you can’t do that with your YouTube Channel, Blog Post, or Email Newsletter. Call us today and get a FREE Promo Trailer with your first 4 episodes.


Podcasters Workshop Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your investment, you may request a refund on unused coaching time. (It is rare, but it does happen that a coach and client may be ill-matched and it is best for both parties to go their separate ways.) However, there are no refunds on used Coaching and Consulting time, because once I spend time with you, I can’t get it back. I can’t guarantee results in a coaching or consulting relationship because results depend on your openness to being coached and your willingness to do the work. And if you’re here, I’m confident you’re willing and ready to do the work.

Regarding our Done for You services we will work to make it MORE than you hoped it would be.

“Our podcast is now over 70 episodes and I wouldn’t have gotten episode one out if it were not for the incredible teaching I got from Rick. He helped me figure out all of the hidden little details, programs and how it all works. Sign up right now with Rick and save yourself a ton of money, time and huge frustration! This medium is still young, if you want to jump ahead to compete and drive listeners quicker than most, have Rick be your guide!”