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Why I Offer Workshops

You’ve probably heard my story by now.  After 20+ years of success leading some of the most prestigious outdoor sales and product teams, I suddenly found myself laid off at 55 years old. I realized I might never work at that level again. Just when I thought NOW WHAT! I discovered podcasting. A few months later The Outdoor Biz Podcast was born and has allowed me to 10X my reach and replace the income.

We all love stories, telling and listening to them. Imagine sitting around your kitchen table after a delightful meal your grandmother made from scratch waiting, on the edge of your seat, for Dad or Grandpa to launch into one of your family stories.

Sure some of us are better than others at the telling part but we all love a good story. My grandfather used to tell us advenurous, mezmerizing stories when I was a kid. I think about 30% was true and the rest fabricated in his mind or made up on the spot. Either way, I was riveted listening to him.

You've got stories too. Your own and those of others. And I want to help you tell them, with your podcast.

Why Podcasts?

My podcast has been successful right out of the gate. I've been a storyteller and guide since I was young, and sharing the stories of individuals that make up the Outdoor and Adventure Travel business is a natural for me. I took my format and some early advice from Tim Ferriss and hit the ground running. You can do the same . . . or something completely different. That's the beauty of the podcast medium and I will guide you along the journey.   

Even though I had success from the start I wish I had a coach to help me avoid some of the pitfalls along the way. So I want you to have a smooth path, be successful, and have fun. Whether you're an individual or a business, I believe . . . no, I KNOW, podcasting has the power to inspire people, grow businesses and change lives.

And you can do this. See, the reality is . . . out of the 500,000+ active podcasts out there, do you know the average longevity of most shows? Seven episodes. Seven!

That’s because most people who try a podcast simply focus on the basics:

> The gear
> The software
> The equipment
They don't understand and learn the vlaue of branding. They don't learn how to create compelling content. They don't realize the importance of how to add value to their listeners. They don't learn how to make money, and they don't learn how to build an audience.
But those who do?
That's where the rubber meets the road and the magic happens.
And you can do this too. Because I was you, and I did it.
And I’ll show you exactly how.

“The stories and business wisdom shared on the Outdoor Biz podcast are fantastic. Rick knows his audience very well and makes sure every episode is loaded with valuable content. He's got a knack for keeping the discussions upbeat, fun, and educational.

If you want to create a podcast that delivers quality content and entertains your audience, Rick is the coach for you. He'll quickly get you to a level where you're producing episodes your audience will love.”

  • Mary Iannotti- Digital Marketing Deva

“Our podcast is now on season 3 with over 50 episodes and I wouldn’t have gotten episode 1 out if it were not for the incredible instruction I got from Rick. He helped me figure out all of the hidden little details, programs and how it all works.

Sign up right now with Rick and save yourself a ton of money, time and huge frustration! This medium is still young if you want to jump ahead to compete and drive listeners quicker than most, have Rick be your guide!”

  • Scott Ohsman Somthin about Nothin Podcast

FREE Discover Your Podcast Brainstorm Session

In this FREE 30 minute call, we will:

• Get clarity on how a Podcast can help you inspire more customers and grow sales while you sleep. 

• Identify the type of Podcast that will get the results you're looking for.

• Learn the steps you can take RIGHT NOW and walk away with a clear plan on how to quickly produce and publish your Podcast.

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Design Your Podcast

In this 10 week program, you and I will work together through all the steps necessary to create and publish your podcast. From determining your podcast style to developing and executing your podcast launch plan. When we're done you'll be the proud owner of a NEW podcast you'll be proud of.

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Summit VIP Day

Do you want to create a podcast to expand your reach, connect with your followers, but don't know where to start? In this one day session, I will walk you through the steps to be successful from identifying your ideal listener all the way to monetization options for what you’ve created.

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2 slots open


You and I will take a deep dive into whatever topic is most relevant to you. Want to start your own podcast, broaden your reach? Want to tune-up and/or monetize your podcast? Whatever it is, in these calls you’ll get the answers you need to move the ball forward.

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Looking for a “Done-for-You” program?

So, you want to launch a podcast but just don't have the time, resources . . . or know where to begin, let my team do it for you!

A lot of time and energy goes into identifying the right show format, researching and creating content for each episode, recording, production, publishing, etc. My team of professionals and I will create, produce, and publish your show for you. Whether you need everything from “on-air talent” to research and production resources we'll work with you and create a podcast you'll be proud of with content that will delight and inspire your audience.

Schedule a FREE brainstorming call with me HERE and lets talk about how you can reach more customers and increase sales TODAY. Schedule your call now.

My Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your investment, you may request a refund on unused coaching time. (It is rare, but it does happen that a coach and client may be ill-matched and it is best for both parties to go their separate ways.) However, there are no refunds on used Coaching and Consulting time, because once I spend time with you, I can’t get it back. I can’t guarantee results in a coaching or consulting relationship because results depend on your openness to being coached and your willingness to do the work. And if you're here, I'm confident you're willing and ready to do the work and you will succeed.