Know Before You Go


  • When on an adventure, we encourage you to keep any erosion to a minimum, keep to footpaths or trails and avoid stepping on or picking native flora.
  • Protect the environment – its flora, fauna, and landscapes.
  • We encourage you to use water sparingly particularly in locations where it is a precious and expensive commodity. Additionally, please avoid buying any plastic bottles of water and use your own metal or to refill with water from a safe source.
  • River water could also be used as drinking water, but please research its source first, and please do not contaminate any water supply by washing in it. Any washing products should be phosphate-free.
  • Respect local customs religion and traditions. Adhere to local dress codes and remember, we are always guests and should act as though.
  • Carry out your own research about your various destinations, and being able to speak a few words of the local language is both respectful and encouraged.
  • Don’t take photographs of local people and places of religious significance without obtaining permission first.
  • Keep promises! Send copies of photos to local people if this is what you have said you will do.
  • Buy local products such as food and souvenirs so that money directly benefits the community.
  • Minimize pollution, and carry out all litter that you brought with you.
  • Re-cycle and always try to do something nice that’ll benefit the local communities.


Our transport and sometimes accommodations can be, or whenever possible, with smaller hotels or private condominiums, and many of our connections with these local providers of accommodation and transport go back many years. These local providers appreciate our on-going commitment to their livelihoods. Knowing that tourism is an important source of income for the areas that we visit, our responsible travel policy demonstrates our active commitment to sustainable and responsible tourism. All of our service suppliers are informed of our internal travel policy, and they align with our beliefs of responsibility as well.


  • Protecting the environment, its flora, fauna, and landscapes always
  • Respecting local cultures, traditions, religions, and heritage that is centuries old
  • Benefiting local communities, both economically and socially
  • Conserving natural resources from edibles to destinations
  • Minimizing pollution through noise, waste disposal, and congestion


All of us at The Podcasters Workshop and Adriatic Academy trust that you will arrive home from your retreat week with some amazing memories and photos to match.
We very much appreciate your feedback and comments about your trip and would encourage you to complete the online feedback form that we will be sending you as a follow-up. Word of mouth in our community is incredibly important, and we will do everything in our power to make your trip with us a once-in-a-lifetime.