Happy Hour in the Alabama Hills

After 20 years of success leading some of the most prestigious outdoor sales and product teams, I suddenly found myself laid off at 55 years old. I realized I might never work at that level again. Just when I thought NOW WHAT! I discovered podcasting. A few months later The Outdoor Biz Podcast was born and has allowed me to 10X my reach and replace the income.

Why podcasts?

Think about it . . .

Use Your Words . . . 

You know when parents tell their young toddlers to use their words? It’s because the human voice is one of our strongest superpowers. You’ll say about 370 million words in your lifetime. Each with a different tone, inflection, pitch, emotion, and each resonating in a unique way with your listener.

Like it or not you are a “professional speaker”

So if speaking is already the main way you communicate with the world, you might as well deploy that superpower to educate, inspire and motivate your community.

I'm a Podcaster, Author, Creator and I help people find their words, tell stories and grow businesses thru podcasting