Outdoor Adventure

Camped in Humphreys Basin

Like many of us my first outdoor adventure was camping. My parents had a 1959 Airstream, a classic now but when I was a kid it was home on the road. They took us all over the place in that silver bullet. National Parks, State Parks and local campgrounds were our playground. My Dad, Grandfather (Pop) and Uncle Terry taught us how to fish, skip rocks, make fires and all the necessary skills to live outdoors.

I remember one of our first long trips was to Yellowstone. We were still pretty green and my Mom used sheets and blankets on the beds in the Airstream. I'll never forget her washing sheets in the campground. Fortunately she got some sage advice from more experienced campers and bought sleeping bags as soon as we got home from that trip.

I have been very fortunate to parlay those early learnings into a life full of outdoor adventure and travel. What was one of your first outdoor adventure experiences?

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